Monday, June 18, 2012

Pretty as a Picture

We are getting ready to wrap up our final few days of school, but I wanted to share a quick post of my daughter, Olivia, all ready for her first Semiformal Dance!

When we went to the salon to have her hair done, we decided on something simple, age appropriate, and also something that would stand up in the heat.    I loved it, and what's even better, so did Olivia!

I have to show you the shoes I "made".  We had a crazy time finding shoes for her.  She's not exactly a shoe lover like me, and she really struggled to walk in any kind of heel.  Again, age appropriate had to factor in here as well.

Who knew I would one day embellish shoes with pom pom flowers?  (For my Pom Pom Flower Tutorial, see here.)  It's been crazy....I've been painting furniture, making wreaths and now I'm a cobbler too! lol 

Let me preface the following pictures to say:

There was a ridiculous amount of  "girl drama" surrounding this event, and if Olivia looks a little upset in the pictures, she is.  Believe me, she is not one for "girl drama" of any kind, so she had just about had it at this point. 

Here's a closer shot:

Luckily she was able to put all the nonsense behind her and enjoy herself.  She really had a blast and I thank God for that!

8th grade graduation is coming up this Thursday.  It will be another big day for our girl!

If you've noticed,  I used the words "age appropriate" several times in this post.  You cannot even imagine what some of these 14 years old girls looked like!  Yikes!  Let me tell you,  I consider myself to be a fairly hip & modern parent, I'm with the times, and I can't even fathom how some of the parents could send their daughters out the door looking as they did.   Really, really bad.   

And.....just because I would not want to leave out any other happiness from the son Johnny and his team won their Little League Championship on Saturday!  Hurray, A's!  I wanted to post the team's  picture, but without having asked all the parents, I think it's best I don't post it.

It'll be another busy week for us, but I will do my best to come around & visit all of you soon. 

Thank you for visiting me! 

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  1. Your daughter looks beautiful. I hear you on age appropriate. My daughter just finished 6th grade and my son just finished 9th. I'm not sure what parents are thinking...and I too and pretty hip.

  2. Oh, I know exactly what you're talking about. I taught middle school for 10 years, and I saw it all! At our 8th grade dances, the principal walked around with shawls for some girls to wear!

  3. Olivia looks beautiful!
    Well, done Johnny and the A's!
    Congratulations to all!
    Bravo on sticking to age appropriate!

  4. Gina,
    Your daughter is beautiful and even if she had some drama she still looks adorable. Being the mother of two daughters (now married) I remember those days very well.

    Congrats to Olivia and your family on her gradutaion and also to your son and the team for winning the championship! Happy news all around!

    P.S. Love what you did to the shoes!

  5. What a beautiful girl. Our grandaughter's grade 8 grad is on Wed. I'm sure there will be ball gowns to tucks. My Oh My!

  6. Gina,

    Olivia looks so pretty, love her hairstyle. I can imagine what some of the girl's wore there, you wonder if parents even care! I have seen so many sights lately. Hope she enjoyed herself. Congrats on you son's baseball team! My son played baseball for years and won state championship when he was 18. What wonderful memories.

    Have a great week.

  7. Olivia is beautiful - love her dress, shoes and ADORE her gorgeous hair style! (Boy she has some awesome hair!)

    As for age appropriate, I could hug you right now. You are a good parent. Don't change, save these people from themselves.

    How on earth can parents allow their 14 year olds to look like that?

    We even see it at church functions!

    Oh I just shudder, what has this world come to?

    And lastly GRATS to your son's tea, that's great news!

  8. What a beautiful girl!!! Only 14??? Wow!! Her hair looks great, perfect dress and the shoes, oh the they are really something!!! Good job Mrs. Cobbler!! And hooray for the winning team!!! hugs...cleo

  9. Your daughter is beautiful, and I can't believe just 14?! Young girls mature very fast these days. I love her hairstyle and the shoes. Great job, Mom. And congrats to your son on his team win. xo

  10. Gina, this post really "hit home". My oldest granddaughter is turning 14 next week and I know exactly what you mean about the inappropriate clothing. Fortunately, the grand is pretty level-headed so far!! Your Olivia looks absolutely perfect. What a great mom you are! I hope she had a wonderful time at the dance and congratulations to Johnny's team for their win!

  11. Love her hair! She looks beautiful although not really enthused about all the photography. :-) Believe me, I understand! My granddaughter will just go so far and you know you've about hit the wall.

    Age appropriate is so very true! I honestly feel at times that it's my age showing but I cannot understand how the parents can allow these young girls to dress as they do. It's so sad for them I think.

    You are a wonderful cobbler! :-) I will take a look at your tutorial too.

    Have a great week and congrats to your son!


  12. Before I even got to the end I was composing my comment, then I read the rest and my comment fit even better.... no cleavage showing, no side slits up to the hooha, shoes that don't say street walker, tasteful hair and makeup. Be proud mama cobbler.


  13. Your daughter looks so sweet and pretty! Really love the flower pom poms you made! I know a little bit about drama with three daughters!

  14. I can' t believe how grown up she looks . Olivia is such a beautiful young lady. Why must they grow up so fast!? Please tell her I say congratulations on her graduation.

    Much love,

  15. I get what you mean by age appropriate. I won't elaborate. I'll just sound bitchy.

    Thank you for being a PARENT!! Your daughter looked beautiful! Congrats to your son too.

    Hope Thursday goes smoothly =) That's a big day!

  16. I get what you mean by age appropriate. I won't elaborate. I'll just sound bitchy.

    Thank you for being a PARENT!! Your daughter looked beautiful! Congrats to your son too.

    Hope Thursday goes smoothly =) That's a big day!

  17. I'm with you Gina on the age appropriate thing! When we were in Cabo we went to a nightclub, I can't tell what some of them were doing, can I just say "Girls Gone Wild"! I had tears in my eyes when we left there, I kept thinking about my granddaughter's, praying that they won't grow up like that!
    Your daughter is beautiful!

  18. Gina,
    I love your daughters hair braided in that syle. She is very pretty looks like you. I am going to learn how to make a pom pom. Love the shoes they go perfectly with her dress.
    Thank you for sharing it with us.

  19. Oh- I love her hair...and her dress...AND her shoes. She is just a pretty girl and you can see the beautiful woman she is going to become.

    I have seen some of these kids that look like hookers that are 13 & 14 years old. It is a shame that their parents don't "get it" and realize what this does to their daughters' images.

    You did good, Mom...very, very good- xo Diana

  20. Oh ya...I can tell that is not a real smile! I am so glad I have a boy...So much easier, but in the end she looks adorable and she had a great time. Your kids have been out of school for a couple weeks, but they go back the middle of Aug. Congrats to your son!


  21. She looks just lovely and perfect for her age! What a talented mom, now your can add shoemaker (well shoe embellisher) to your long list of talents!

  22. Ugh!!! I HATE girl drama! Your daughter looks age appropriate and adorable. You have been busy lately, my friend! But it is that time of the year. Congrats to your son's team. YAY!

  23. She looks absolutely adorable. I have to agree that age appropriate is important. I find it sad to push them into the next stage in life when there is so much for them to enjoy in the stage they are at.

  24. She's beautiful,and I love her entire look from head to toe!

    I couldn't agree with you more about the age appropriate thing. Just wait until she goes to the big prom and see what some of the girls will wear. I used to ask how any mother could let her daughter dress like that. My husband was always gobstruck that and FATHER would want his daughter dressed like that. Since he was once a boy and knows how boys think, he was very protective of his daughters' images.

  25. She reminds me of my girls. They are not into the girl drama nor do they want to wear some of those revealing clothes that the other girls wear - thank God!!!! Olivia looks so pretty, love her hair style and dress. Hope that she had a good time.

  26. Well she looks beautiful! And very age appropriate! I have a four year old little girl and it amazes me what some people think is cute and appropriate for her age group! It is kind of sad.

  27. She is very beautiful and so appropriately dressed. I gasp sometimes at some of the things I see now.


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