Wednesday, February 5, 2020

A Sweet Treat for Valentine's Day

Sometimes you might want a treat to go with
your coffee or in my case, tea.  

Sometimes you might not want a rich & decadent treat.
Sometimes you might just want something simple.

Enter these Pastry Bites, done in Valentine's Day style.

I had this recipe for quite a few years,
ripped from a magazine and tucked away
to make "some day."
(I'm not even going to go into how many of
recipes I have tucked away for "some day.")  

Let's just say that "some day" is today for this recipe.

These are really a cinch to make and they taste so good.
Here's the recipe:

Pastry Bites

6 tablespoons raw sugar 
1 ½ teaspoons plus 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
1 ½ teaspoons ground allspice
1 sheet frozen puff pastry (thawed)
1 egg, beaten

In a bowl, mix sugar, spices & a pinch of salt.

On a parchment lined baking sheet, brush pastry with egg; sprinkle with half the sugar mixture.

Cover with another sheet of parchment, then flip over.

Peel off top parchment.  Brush pastry with egg,then sprinkle with remaining sugar.

Cut pastry into 10 strips & twist them.

You can leave them in long twisted strips or you can mold them into hearts as I did here.

Bake at 375 degrees until crispy, about 16-20 minutes.

And just like that, you have simple, crispy little treats that
took no time at all to make.


Monday, January 27, 2020

Valentines Day Hutch & Wreath Tutorial

Hello friends!

True confession time.

This Valentine's Day inspired decor that I'm
sharing with you today is from last year!

I had all the photos loaded & ready to go.
I just never posted it!
I was so surprised when I saw the draft listed.

I don't have a lot of Valentine's Day decor.
Just a few things.

This year, (well last year) I decided to make a wreath.

I really love how it turned out.
And it was so easy to make too.

Here's my tutorial on the wreath.
It's almost silly how easy it is to make.

I traced some heart shapes onto a piece of lightweight cardboard.

I cut them out.

I then took yarn, taped the end in place and began wrapping 
it around the shape.

I wrapped all willy nilly,
nothing uniform about it.

My intention was to wrap the yarn completely around
the cardboard so there would be no cardboard showing.
However, once I got going, I decided I loved
the cardboard peeking out behind the yarn,
so I left it like that.

I glued the shapes onto a grapevine wreath
and there you have it!

Don't you love an easy craft that
turns out better than you expected?

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

New Years & Winter Hello

Hello dear friends!
Happy New Year!

I can't believe I'm actually here, on the old blog, posting something.  
I have to admit, I'm a little rusty at all of this.

Winter is upon us here at Random Thoughts Home.
If you need proof, I will oblige....
this was taken this morning.

A good day to stay in with a warm blanket & a good book.

I have a few photos to share today.

The winter mantel is ready for the season.
It's always so hard to decide what to do after taking 
away all the Christmas decor.

Blue & white color palette...texture added with
fuzzy pillows, trees & pinecones.  

The dining room hutch & sitting room got a touch of winter, too.

I had a little fun with my Winter bird collection.

Wishing you many blessings in the New Year!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Christmas Home Tour 2018


I have been so preoccupied with the
Most Wonderful Time of the Year, 
I almost forgot to post my decor on the blog.
Shame on me!

I did something different & decorated 
before Thanksgiving this year.
I wasn't sure if I was crazy to decorate early,
but I think it has made things a lot less chaotic...
well at least as less chaotic as they can be at this
time of year.

I was going to break this tour up into
several different posts, but I decided to
give you one big tour.  Get ready
for lots of pictures!

So without further adieu,
let's begin in the living room.

This year's color palette in here...white & gold.

Moving on into the dining room & sitting room:

Next up...the kitchen:

The master bedroom:

Center Hallway:

I hope you enjoyed the tour!

As always, I am grateful for your visit today.
I know we are all so busy, so if you took
time out from your day to come along on the
tour with me, I thank you.

See you soon!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Fall Throughout the House

I'm back with more Fall d├ęcor today. 
It's hard to believe it's October already.
I no sooner finish decorating for Fall
and now it's time to decorate for Halloween.
I can't keep up!

Don't let my first picture below fool you.
I love a neutral look, but
I'm also a girl who loves color. 
I could never go totally neutral.

Let's get started with the Dining Room:

The Sitting Room:  

The Kitchen:

 My sister bought my that sweet hedgehog cookie jar
because she knew I loved it.
Sisters are the best!


Happy Fall!

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