Monday, February 24, 2014

A Transitional Winter Spring Dining Hutch

I have found myself longing for Spring.  
Longing for soft colors, buds on trees, and fresh air.

Oh Spring! 
I know that you are near, 
but sometimes you are just not near enough! 

 I wanted to decorate for Spring so badly.
Trouble is, it's hard to decorate for Spring 
while there's so much snow on the ground.
We did got a few warmer days, temps up into the mid 40s, 
but from what I hear,
the single digits are back this week.

What to do?

I made a transitional Winter to Spring vignette
 on my dining hutch.  
A touch of Spring, but without all the 
soft colors of Spring that I'm craving right now.  

Neutral is the name of the game.

I made the rag wreath out of cream, white & beige fabric.

You've probably seen a lot of this stuff in other vignettes before.

The only new piece is the screened box.
I found it at the antique store & I just loved it.
I have no idea what it could have been used for in its
former life, but I like the texture it adds here.

I pretty much "shopped the house" for this display.

I love to borrow from around the house,
but the trouble is, it always leads
to having to fill in the stuff I borrowed
from the other rooms!  

C'mon Spring!
I'm patiently waiting for you.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Change of Lighting & A Smart Mother

My husband has always accused me of being
when it comes to lighting.
He's right, of course,
but it would be so much easier to suffer from
 this affliction had I married an electrician!
Funny story.
Thirteen years ago when we moved into this old house, 
there was a light hanging in the front entryway.  
It was a lantern-style light,
one that I found ugly with a capital U. 
I can remember the day clearly.
It was the year 2000. 
 The electrician was here and while taking down the lantern,
 he asked me if I was sure that I wanted to change it.  
He said,  "a lot of people like this old lighting nowadays."
I assured him that I absolutely detested that lantern and  
asked him to hang this "oh so lovely" fixture you see below.

After more than a decade had passed, I started
to realize that that "oh so lovely" light was not right for this house, at all. 
 I wondered what ever made me select that light to begin with.
Of course, I didn't want to mention this quite yet
to the husband, lest I have to hear the "non committal" accusation!
This past Summer, while cleaning out my Mom's attic,
 I stood, puzzled, looking into a box. 
For in this box, was a lighting that looked awfully familiar.
Yes, apparently back in 2000,  my Mother
had taken our old lighting fixture home with her
because she liked it and thought I might want it back someday.
Do we even need to talk about my amazing clairvoyant mother? 

So just before Christmas, we called the electrician... 
a different electrician than the one in 2000.
Good thing too, because can you imagine what
the other one would think if I asked him to
hang the same light he took down 13 years ago?  
Ahh, so much better!
The old light is back at home,
just where it belongs.

It even looks pretty when it's lit, too.  
I gotta hand it to that Mother of mine.
Who knew she was so smart?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Red, white, blue & BRONZE

I've gone missing.
Blame it on the Olympics.
 I'm addicted.
(I've got the dark circles under my eyes to prove it.)
Do you mind if I share something with you?
This is the front page of our local newspaper.
Best front page ever!!
Erin Hamlin wins a bronze medal in women's luge!
Erin is the first American to medal in singles luge,
male or female,
since luge became an Olympic event in 1964.
Pretty darn impressive!
Why am I so excited, you ask?
Well, Erin is from our area and
who doesn't love a local hero?
Congratulations, Erin!!
Ok, I'm signing off.
If I haven't visited you lately,
please know that I'm around but
right now my patriotic-Olympic-loving
self is planted directly in front of the TV.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Be Mine Tablescape

It's hard to believe it's February already.
January did go by rather quickly. 
Not that I'm complaining.
We're one step closer to Spring!
I desperately needed to put together a Valentine's Day tablescape. 
I was surprised to find that I hadn't shared a tablescape since last Fall!
So please join me for "Be Mine."

You can see the "whiteness" of January through the window in the photo below.
As much as I may be sick of the "whiteness," it does make
a nice backdrop to the pink & red of my tablescape.  Ha!
The heart plates & the table runner are from Target.
I bought them on clearance a year or two ago.
The plates are melamine.
The dotted glasses are a Target purchase, as well. 
I added a white charger from the Oneida Outlet.
They just announced the Oneida Outlet will be closing
in 90 days.  I'm going to miss that place!
Red silverware was an engagement gift 20+ years ago.
Place card holders are a Christmas Tree Shop find.
Pink votive holders are from Michaels.
I love how the plates & table runner match.

Pretty pink tulips in a red pitcher for a simple centerpiece.
I ♥ tulips!

It's so nice of you to visit today.
Hope to see you again soon.

 Happy Valentine's Day! 
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