Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Change of Lighting & A Smart Mother

My husband has always accused me of being
when it comes to lighting.
He's right, of course,
but it would be so much easier to suffer from
 this affliction had I married an electrician!
Funny story.
Thirteen years ago when we moved into this old house, 
there was a light hanging in the front entryway.  
It was a lantern-style light,
one that I found ugly with a capital U. 
I can remember the day clearly.
It was the year 2000. 
 The electrician was here and while taking down the lantern,
 he asked me if I was sure that I wanted to change it.  
He said,  "a lot of people like this old lighting nowadays."
I assured him that I absolutely detested that lantern and  
asked him to hang this "oh so lovely" fixture you see below.

After more than a decade had passed, I started
to realize that that "oh so lovely" light was not right for this house, at all. 
 I wondered what ever made me select that light to begin with.
Of course, I didn't want to mention this quite yet
to the husband, lest I have to hear the "non committal" accusation!
This past Summer, while cleaning out my Mom's attic,
 I stood, puzzled, looking into a box. 
For in this box, was a lighting fixture...one that looked awfully familiar.
Yes, apparently back in 2000,  my Mother
had taken our old lighting fixture home with her
because she liked it and thought I might want it back someday.
Do we even need to talk about my amazing clairvoyant mother? 

So just before Christmas, we called the electrician... 
a different electrician than the one in 2000.
Good thing too, because can you imagine what
the other one would think if I asked him to
hang the same light he took down 13 years ago?  
Ahh, so much better!
The old light is back at home,
just where it belongs.

It even looks pretty when it's lit, too.  
I gotta hand it to that Mother of mine.
Who knew she was so smart?

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  1. I LOVE it. Your mother just knew, as mothers do, that you were experiencing "a moment". ;)
    Ah, what our mothers know that I hope we too will know when our time comes as mothers of new homeowners.

  2. What a great story. You sound like me. I was sick of my brass and glass coffee table over ten years ago. Unfortunately I can't remember what we did with it. After searching the house for the past few weeks I actually bought a new brass and glass coffee table. What's old is new again. Love the light fixture. I'm sure it's happy to be home again.

  3. Love your story! Isn't it funny how our taste changes? Thumbs up for your mom. The lantern light is perfect.

  4. wow, Gina, when something is meant to be, it is meant to be! I like both fixtures, actually and the older style, I had a very similar one in my hallway years back. xo

  5. What a great story, Gina. I think we all went through that "new light" phase. Love that it is back where it belongs- xo Diana

  6. Like the saying goes...mother knows best! Very pretty lantern Gina!

  7. Mom's are the best!! What an awesome surprise for you! I love the light & the story!!! ♥

  8. Gina, great story! I wish my Mom had kept so many things I got rid of like my owl cannisters, fondue pots, and all of my vintage Barbies. Your lantern looks great, welcome home!


  9. I have a photo to snap for you. If I remember I will do it today. Guess you will just have to wait to see what it is.

  10. Those moms. They just know everything don't they!?

    But how come we are moms, and it doesn't work on ourselves?

    Hmm.... I think I;ll go look at your light fixture for the answers.

  11. That's a funny story! Hmmm... My bedroom fixture looks just like your newer one except its a ceiling hugger! I just mentioned changing it and got the look! That's cute how your mom grabbed it up... A wise woman and or maybe she had hopes to use it for something!

  12. That is a classic story, oh my gosh, hahahahaha. Mom's just KNOW!

    You know, it looks awesome.

    I wonder how it would look it it were painted pewter or black or brown....

    I can't stop smiling, Gina.

  13. When all else fails, LISTEN to your mother... I tend to think we ought to do that right off the bat, actually.

    I can relate to this story because in the heat of a trendy change or twenty, I have gotten rid of things that I WISH I had now. You have a very wise mother!

  14. That is funny! Thank God for our Moms! Pretty light! I've always liked lanterns.

  15. Yup, it's a proven fact Gina. Everything old is new again. And yes, Mother knows best! lol! Love it!

  16. Well, how about that? Who knew that the old lantern would find its way back to your home, after three years? Hahaha! I bet you were happy as a clam when you found it in your mom's attic. Anyway, I can just imagine what the electrician would have said if you called him to install the light fixture you had him removed. Hahaha! Glad to know you're happy with the new old light. All the best! :)

    Eleanor Roy @ Douthit Electrical


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