Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Fall Mantel & Living Room

I'm thrilled that Fall has finally arrived.
It's my most favorite season.

I went fairly simple with the mantel this year.

Are you like me?
Some years you want simple 
and go all out & 
maybe a tad overboard?

How did we all survive before the 
velvet pumpkin was introduced?

Thanks for visiting today.
I'll be sharing more of my Fall décor in the days ahead.

 I am on my way to see
 the kickoff of the national tour of 
Hello Dolly with Betty Buckley. 
I can't wait.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Kitchen Reveal

Is is really September?
This Summer really flew by.

Two years ago,
we did a little kitchen refresh.
Because I tend to disappear
from the blog from time to time,
I never shared it here for you to see,
so today is the day it'll make its debut.

I painted my cabinets white
some 9 years ago.
They are old cabinets, original
to this house built in 1933.  
I never want to part with them because
they are huge and can house so many dishes.

There were a few things I knew for sure:

 I hated my blue tile backsplash,
       I hated my brown linoleum flooring,
I hated my wood look countertops,
I'm not a stainless steel appliance girl. 

I wanted fresh & clean & white.
here's where I differ from the rest of the white kitchen groupies...
I really, really love color too.

Come take a peek:

Now let me give you a few less than flattering
before pictures so you can get some perspective here.

Here's that brown linoleum:
(please forgive the mess)

Here's that blue tile backsplash and those awful countertops:
(please forgive the pile of dishes drying in the sink)

And the same view now:

Much better, huh?

How I love my white subway tile and quartz countertops!

No more brown linoleum either!

I apologize for the reflection in the glass cabinet doors below.
They are so hard to photograph.

So that is my kitchen reveal.
Not a major reno, 
but enough to make a huge improvement
and most importantly,  
 enough to make me happy.

 Thanks for coming by today.
I'll be back soon  because hey, 
it's time for Fall décor!

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