Sunday, March 31, 2013

Thank you, Easter Bunny

I hope you all had a wonderful & happy Easter!

I just wanted to give my thanks to the Easter Bunny.  
You see, 15 years ago today, he brought me this:

Well, she didn't look like that 15 years ago, but you get the point.
Happy 15th Birthday, Olivia!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Lovely Lady Bunnies Luncheon (tablescape)

My Mom has these pretty bunnies,
Lovely Lady Bunnies if you will,
all dressed in their
pink and green Easter finery.

They inspired me to create this tablescape, so
I had to borrow them and allow them to be the stars of the show.


Pink and green make me happy happy!

Pink tablecloth from Joanns
Straw placemats from Home Goods
Green dinner plates from Oneida Outlet
Pink & white polka dot plates from Hobby Lobby
Green bowls from Michaels
Green flatware from Home Goods
Pink flatware from Party City
Plaid napkins from TJ Maxx

Pink goblets are Rosanna, purchased on Amazon.
They are a new purchase and I love them!

Here are the lovely ladies now!

Aren't they adorable?

The ladies are so thrilled that you visited them today.
Wishing you a lovely day!

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

More Easter Decor

I knew that Easter was early this year.
It was no surprise really.

But... I the only one who can't get over just
how quickly this early Easter seems to be coming?

It's less than 2 weeks away!

Anyway,  I really hope I'm not boring you 
with all the Easter vignettes I've been posting.

This vignette is on the end table in the sitting
area of my dining room.

Isn't this a cute bunny box?
I bought him from The Christmas Tree Shop last year.
I seriously think he was only a couple of dollars.

A little shabby white container with some faux Spring blooms.

A pretty pedestal & cloche (from Hobby Lobby)
hold an Easter delight.   
This one won't make me any fatter, either!

This vignette makes me smile every time I look at it.
I hope you enjoyed it, too.  
Happy 1st day of Spring!
Although it's anything but Spring here in NY.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Can We Talk? Spam & Shannon

I thought it might be nice to have a little chat today. 

I hope you don't mind.
After all, this blog is called Random Thoughts.


I'd like to begin with Anonymous Comments, if I may.  

Anonymous comments are annoying the heck out of me.  
Every day, every minute of every day, I have become like
 a vigilant spam patrol guard...hunting down spam and vanquishing it 
(if it happens to have escaped Blogger's notice) 
and landed on my blog.  
Nuts, I tell you, it's driving me nuts.  

I'm not a huge blog here, so I know that some of you, 
especially those of you with big blogs,  
have to be having the same problems or 
have had the same problems in the past. 

I'm wondering if I should no longer allow Anonymous comments.  
Do you think that this would help somewhat?  
Please if you have any thoughts on this, let me hear them.
I'll take any advice you have on the subject.


Next up, I have been meaning to share with you that
the sweet, funny & incredibly talented Shannon, 

was kind enough to make blog tabs for me.  
I'm sure you've spotted them up above, under my header.  

Didn't she do a super job making them match my existing blog design? 

I love that girl and just wanted to give her a shout out.  

I think all the tabs are in order, except for Project & Crafts.  
That's still a work in progress for me.  


Thank you for listening to me today. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Garden Green Tablescape

This month's tablescape challenge at Cuisine Kathleen is all about green....

...and green it is!  

This is one of those tablescapes where I had a little help from others.  :)

I borrowed the tablecloth from my sister, Theresa.
Placemats are from Home Goods.
Green dinner plates are Better Homes & Gardens from Walmart.
Green flatware is Cambridge from Home Goods.
Napkin Rings are from Kmart, napkins are from ?
Green bubble goblets are from Target.
Salad plates were borrowed from my Mom.

Each plate is so pretty showcasing a different flower. 
The plates are from Princess House.   I love their wavy edges.

For my centerpiece, I borrowed the green pitcher 
and the lantern from my sister, Joann.
The bird from Michaels.
Crystal candle holders are by Mikasa.  

I love that if I need something, I can send out the "bat signal"
and my Mom & sisters come to the rescue.  lol  

I have to admit that seeing all this green really boosted my spirits.
It makes me feel like Spring is coming!

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Getting the Easter treatment

I can officially say that every 
decoratable (I know that's not a word) 
surface in this house has gotten the Easter treatment.  

Once I got started, there was no stopping me!  

I'm going to be somewhat quiet today and just let you look at a few photos
of my vintage blue dresser all ready for Easter. 

Some close ups....

Can you see the snow through my lace curtains?
I'm hoping it doesn't stick around too much longer.
(It was sunny & 50 degrees today, so I'm really hoping Spring is here.) 

I hope you have a Spring-filled day!

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Easter Mantel

After taking down my Valentine's Day mantel, I was left with a big question.

Now what do I do?

It was only February....too early for Spring (around here anyway),
and too early for Easter.  
It took some time, but I finally figured it out.  

I'll throw all caution to the wind & decorate for Easter anyway!

Welcome to my Easter Mantel.

I pretty much had everything that you see here already...
with the exception of that bunny on the left.
Don't you love it when you can decorate with what you have?
Let's get closer, shall we?

Here is that cutie now!
I just had to have him when I saw him at Pier 1.
Pitcher from TJ Maxx, a few year ago.
I bought the flowers last year, after Spring, on clearance.

The big Easter Greetings plaque was purchased 
last year at The Christmas Tree shop.  
It reminds me of a vintage post card for some reason.
This smaller bunny is also from Pier 1, a few years ago.
The pink pedestal compotes came from Joanns,
quite a few years ago.

I've had this chick in the egg for a couple years now.
It's by artist, Vicki Smyers.
I paired it with my favorite shabby chic candle holders.

I can't seem to remember where I bought these
vintage looking postcards.
I thought they'd make a cute banner,  strung up on a ribbon.

Are you busy decorating for Easter?
Thanks for stopping by!
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Monday, March 4, 2013

Time for a little Easter (coffee table vignette)

Hello sweet friends!

With Easter being early this year, it feels kind of weird to me to be decorating when it's still so cold outside & there's snow on the ground. Now I know how you Southern girls feel when you're decorating for Christmas and it's 80 degrees outside!

I've been giving my home the Easter treatment and I wanted to share my coffee table vignette with you.

This vignette was kind of inspired by Ricki Jill at Art @ Home.  Did you know she never uses faux flowers or greenery?  Not even when making a wreath!  It fascinates me, I'll tell you.   

I used an Easter egg table runner, a large flat basket, my real philodendron (which I placed in a wicker basket), an old book, and a shabby birdhouse.  I then placed my Dee Foust girl & bunny on top of a pedestal dish to complete the look.  

Simple and pretty...and I love the look of seeing some real greenery around here for a change. 

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