Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The end of a decade

So this is it, my final day, or shall I say final hours as a thirty something. Tomorrow I shall embark on a new decade. Heaven help me! Forty is old. (oooh what a nasty word that I just typed there! However I find it better to type forty rather than type the actual numeric symbols. Makes me feel better!) How did this happen? When did this happen? I'm not ready. I am officially going to become one of those people who refuse to tell their age from tomorrow on out. I'll just keep 'em guessing.
Meanwhile, John turned 40 yesterday. Being relatively new to the decade himself, he has no sound advice for me. Although he doesn't seem to be struggling with it at all. He wasn't too pleased with my having to take a picture of him, but I told him he has to sit because it's a big birthday and the start of a new era.

I hope he doesn't try that logic on me tomorrow because I am taking my 40 year old legs and running from the camera! Heehee

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The big 7

Seven years ago today, this little guy was born...my 4 lb. 5 oz. preemie...who is so not a preemie anymore! Johnny is a great source of joy to all of us. He has a fabulous sense of humor, is happy-go-lucky, sweet and kind, and who could resist that face? (cheesy grin and all)
I made him dinner of his choice tonight(lasagna) and we had a cake just for my mom and sisters. (His big party is Friday night, followed by a pool party for his friends (at a hotel) on Monday, but of course I couldn't let his actual birthday go by without cake!)
I have to share what he did tonight, but first I must tell a long Nintendo DS story. Two Christmases ago, a boy asked for a Nintendo DS. We thought said boy was probably too young and nixed the idea. Well, as it drew closer to Christmas the boy's true desire was that DS.
Realizing this, Santa decided it was absolutely necessary to get him that DS. I mean, come on, that's what the boy REALLY wanted the most! So, of course, it's less than a week to Christmas and no DS could be found for purchase anywhere...in stores or online. SO, Santa decided to check ebay. Oh yes, the jolly old elf could get a DS...for $180.00! (not to mention the $20.00 to have it shipped overnight) Fine, Santa decides whatever the cost, it must be done. He refuses to disappoint. Certainly Christmas morning was joyous for the boy. Never was a gift so loved as that DS. He definitely got his use out of it and played it and played it and played it.
Then one day early this year, it was determined that the DS was no longer working. This was brought to the attention of the parents by the sister. Funny how the boy had no idea what happened to it. Suspicious? Oh yeah. Angry parents? Sure. Upset, crying boy? You bet. After much deliberation by the parents, it was decided that they would send the DS away for repair for a mere $80 bucks. Oh yeah, that's eight-zero. The DS is returned to us, repaired and looking like new. Happiness ensues. A month or 2 later, it is apparent that the boy is just not playing the DS as much as usual. Upon examination by the mother, it is found that the DS has some strange black lines across the screen, making it difficult to see. Hmmm, time to question the boy. He has no idea what happened. After much speculation between the parents, the sister, and the conveniently absent boy, it is determined he had to have done something to it. Time for the Spanish Inquisition. It is then made clear by the boy, rather timidly, that he couldn't find the pen (stylus thingy) and decided to use a real pen. Ok, the mother realizes she could just wipe the pen marks off the glass screen. Oh yeah, sure. Somehow using a pen must mess up something within the DS. So, here we are again, a boy with a broken DS. The parents are unlikely to ever purchase another DS for the boy. Many tears follow and life goes on sadly for the boy without a DS.
Many months pass and the boys birthday is approaching. That darn mother convinces the father to purchase another DS for the boy's 7th birthday. There is much conversation. The father thinks the mother has lost her mind. The mother wins the battle and a new DS is purchased. Forward to tonight. The parents give the boy his birthday gift. Never in a million years could the parents have imagined the reaction!

This is the not-so-great picture taken by the mother. After this picture, the mother could take no more pictures. The boy ran over to her, buried his head in her stomach and cried! Cried and cried and cried! Tears of joy, tears of disbelief, tears of fear as to never break it again. Unbelievable! The mother began crying, the Grandma was crying, the sister was crying, and the Aunt was crying. Amazing! The parents never expected this. It was truly a gift worth giving and a memory never to forget!
So my baby, with that, enjoy your DS and your 7th birthday! We love you! (and please be careful with that thing this time!)

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