Sunday, September 10, 2006

Proud day

I have had a day that has filled me with so much pride. I will now brag....

First, J had his first ever soccer game this afternoon. I was so proud of him, he scored a goal! I was amazed with his endurance, he just kept running up & down the field with not a single complaint of being tired (kids in the age group often complain, cry, etc.)

Second, O also played her first soccer game of the season. I had to miss her game because hers & J's game were at the same time. Dh is now coaching O, so he took her, while I took J. Anyway, O's team won, which is great but that's not the best part. Earlier this evening, we had to attend her softball banquet. (she played softball this past spring) Of course she got the standard trophy for playing....but then...she got the Cavanaugh Award, a trophy awarded for the player with distinction! We were so proud of her & her excitement was beyond compare.

What a proud day at the M home!

Saturday, September 9, 2006

Ch ch ch changes

So I'm all set to begin working on Monday! I decided to stay at Ps. My new schedule will be Mondays from 4-8 (awesome because I'll have the daytime to myself while the kids are in school), and the rest of the week from 9-2. (well actually I'll be off on Tuesdays until 11-1-06). I'll be able to bring & pick up the kids from school everyday with this schedule. I also agreed to work one Sunday a month. How could I not? They are giving me everything. I've even managed within about 99% certainty to get summers off! P is so flexible too...if I have to chaperone a field trip or attend a school function, I can go. I'm pretty confident that I've made the right decision, at least while my children are so young. I'm going to send in my teacher's assistant paperwork anyway so that I can get my certification. This way if I ever wanted to make the switch, I can.

I'm hoping I can handle the extra hours. I know I'm going to have to be super organized to get the 3 of us out of the house every morning. There's no way I'll leave the house messy or with beds unmade, so I guess I'll need to make sure everything is in place before I go to bed at night. Change...I hope I'm up to the challenge!

Monday, September 4, 2006

Socks & Underpants

I love back to school time. Olivia will be going into 3rd grade, Johnny into kindergarten. There is something about this time of year that just feels so renewing to me, almost like New Year's Day. I want to clean, get rid of the old, start fresh.

The kids have all of their new clothes, sneakers, shoes and school supplies ready to go and I remembered with great fondness how wonderful it felt (as a kid) to have all those new items. As a kid, I loved new tall pencils sharpened to a perfect point with unused eraser tops. The feeling of a brand new crayon in my hand was nothing short of pure bliss. I won't even get started about new pristine notebooks! I always swore I was going to use my best handwriting in those new notebooks and never get messy. Now don't think for even a minute that I wasn't just as excited over new clothes...that feeling is indescribable! To this day, I love the feeling of new socks on my feet and new underpants on my...bottom.

So I asked myself yesterday, "why should I miss out of the fun of this refreshing new school year?" and "Who says you have to be in school in order to get back to school clothes?" So with that, I'm going to do a little back to school shopping for myself! Bet you'll never guess what my first purchases will be? Socks & underpants of course!

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