Sunday, September 10, 2006

Proud day

I have had a day that has filled me with so much pride. I will now brag....

First, J had his first ever soccer game this afternoon. I was so proud of him, he scored a goal! I was amazed with his endurance, he just kept running up & down the field with not a single complaint of being tired (kids in the age group often complain, cry, etc.)

Second, O also played her first soccer game of the season. I had to miss her game because hers & J's game were at the same time. Dh is now coaching O, so he took her, while I took J. Anyway, O's team won, which is great but that's not the best part. Earlier this evening, we had to attend her softball banquet. (she played softball this past spring) Of course she got the standard trophy for playing....but then...she got the Cavanaugh Award, a trophy awarded for the player with distinction! We were so proud of her & her excitement was beyond compare.

What a proud day at the M home!

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