Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Christmas Home Tour 2018


I have been so preoccupied with the
Most Wonderful Time of the Year, 
I almost forgot to post my decor on the blog.
Shame on me!

I did something different & decorated 
before Thanksgiving this year.
I wasn't sure if I was crazy to decorate early,
but I think it has made things a lot less chaotic...
well at least as less chaotic as they can be at this
time of year.

I was going to break this tour up into
several different posts, but I decided to
give you one big tour.  Get ready
for lots of pictures!

So without further adieu,
let's begin in the living room.

This year's color palette in here...white & gold.

Moving on into the dining room & sitting room:

Next up...the kitchen:

The master bedroom:

Center Hallway:

I hope you enjoyed the tour!

As always, I am grateful for your visit today.
I know we are all so busy, so if you took
time out from your day to come along on the
tour with me, I thank you.

See you soon!

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