Monday, August 31, 2015

Revealing the Upstairs Bathroom Remodel

Hello friends!

 I have been meaning to share our upstairs bathroom remodel 
with you for a few months now.

 There are quite a few pics, so you might want to grab some coffee, 
or maybe something cold to drink as you browse along.

Let's start with the before pictures, shall we?

Can I just say how much I despised this bathroom?
This bathroom is upstairs
and primarily used by my kids...who are now teenagers.


I loathe those blue fixtures!

I can't get over my tendency to want to shield my eyes!

Cringe worthy!


The contractors came and gutted the place.
Oh what a mess!

Why such a mess you ask?

This bathroom was obviously added on years after the house
was built in 1933.
The walls were sheet rock...or so we all thought. 

When they got to tearing down the shower wall.....
it was plaster!  
(Just like in the rest of the house.)

Even though this bathroom is upstairs,
that plaster dust covered every single surface of my
house both upstairs & downstairs!
I really could have cried.

Thankfully, things starting looking up quickly.


What an improvement, huh?

I fell in love with this gray wood look tile.
I loved it so much I wanted it used on both the floors...

...and the shower walls.

So much better!

I just need to add a few little accents to 
the walls yet, but other than that, she's all done!

If you're digging this whole before & after thing,
you can see the reveal of my downstairs bathroom
from a few years back by clicking right here.  

Thanks for stopping by today!

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