Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Crazy

I think I've gone Halloween crazy.

There was a time when I had very little in the way of Halloween decor.
Of course that was before blogging! 

Here's a little something I put together for my favorite blue dresser:

I really wanted to layer this vignette, but
with the window, I struggled to put anything up against it.

I've had this pumpkin box for a few years now.
I can't remember where I bought it.
I raised it up on a cake pedestal
and gave it a sparkly spider.

Black & white plate, most likely from TJ Maxx.
The stuffed pumpkin was a purchase from Boyd's Bears
in Gettysburg, PA some years ago.
The vintage looking pumpkin votive came
from a booth at an antique shop.  

My favorite Debbie Mumm Halloween plates 
that I've had for years.
I added another cake plate & a wire cloche.
The ornaments were found a few years ago
at Tuesday Morning.

And there I go, playing in PicMonkey again!
What an obsession,  I tell ya!

Are you ready for the big day?
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Love is Sweet {Candy Buffet}

By now I'm sure you know that my niece
 got married a few weeks ago.

I hadn't planned on showing the candy buffet
my sisters & I put together,
 but my niece insisted that I blog about it, so here it is.

The wedding had a Fall theme,
so we chose candies in the colors of
orange, brown & yellow/gold.

My niece lives in Texas, so she didn't really have anything
to do with the buffet other than telling us that she wanted one.  lol

Needless to say, she was quite pleased when she saw it!

As you can imagine,
the guests really enjoyed it!

I thought I may as well show the wedding cake too.
The leaves & pumpkins were edible.
The leaves shimmered...they were gorgeous!

So there you have it. 
The candy buffet & the wedding cake.
Love is sweet!

I really appreciate your visit.
Have a wonderful day! 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Jack O Lantern's Dinnerscape

I can't believe how quickly time is moving along lately.
Is there really only 1 week until Halloween?

Before you know it, we will all be under
the magical spell of Christmas!

Please join Jack for a little dinner.....

I just realized this is a fairly thrifty tablescape.

I used my black & white checkered tablecloth again.
Purchased at Kohls. 

Dotted chargers:  Hobby Lobby, on clearance 60 cents each
Orange dinner plates:  Dollar Tree
Black appetizer plates:  Oneida Outlet
Napkins:  Etsy shop, Urban Style Stitches
Napkin Rings:  Given to me by my Mom
Black Flatware:  Cambridge, Home Goods
Goblets:  Kmart

For my centerpiece, I borrowed my sister's Jack O Lantern.
She made this in ceramics in the late 70s,
but hasn't decorated with him in years.  
Luckily, she was willing to pull him out of storage for me.
The little Treats glass figure is from Kohls. 
My Mom bought it for me last year.   

The salt & pepper shakers were on
clearance last year, and are from Target.

Jack says, "Enough with the details...let's eat!"

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Mantel

I have been inspired by so many of you wonderful ladies that
I did something that I have never done before.....

I put together a Halloween Mantel!

My very first Halloween Mantel!

It's always difficult to get pictures of my mantel because of the
reflections in the mirror, so please bear with me.

I wanted the mantel to have a vintage feel to it.

I know you've most likely seen these fellas on my blog in the past.
My Dee Foust pumpkinhead people along with a few bottle brush trees.
I love them!

Mercury glass is a favorite of mine.
It adds to the vintage feel,

and gives alot of sparkle too!

Did you decorate your mantel for Halloween this year?

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Friday, October 19, 2012

The Kindness of a Friend

I think we have all experienced kindness in one form or another.   Would you mind if I shared a post about kindness with you?

We meet so many wonderful people in the blogging world.  I really love it when I chance upon a blogger that I know, without a doubt, I would be great friends with if I could interact with them "in real life."

Michele at The Nest at Finch Rest is one of those people.   I visit her blog & she visits mine.  She always leaves sweet, thoughtful and inspiring comments.  You know, the kind of comments that make you feel special. 

A few weeks ago, a package arrived at my door.  I questioned myself, wondering what I ordered that I had forgotten about.  When I opened the package, I found this pretty wire dress form:


Enclosed was a sweet card from Michele.  She had read my sewing machine post and was so pleased that I was learning how to sew, she wanted to send me a gift to give me encouragement as I take on this challenge. 

Isn't that the most thoughtful thing ever?  See what I mean about how she makes a person feel special? 

This thoughtful gift and the words she wrote in her card have made my heart sing!  I am so fortunate to have crossed paths with Michele and am happy to call her a friend.

Aren't bloggy friends the best?    

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rich Colors of Autumn tablescape

Tablescape time!

This tablescape was inspired by the centerpieces from my niece's wedding.

My sister told me to go ahead & take a centerpiece
after the reception.
She didn't have to tell me twice!  lol

I let the centerpiece dictate the colors in my place settings.

•Wicker placemats from Pier 1.
•Napkins from Urban Style Stitches on Etsy.  I love these!
They are reversible...betcha can't guess what's on the other side?
•Red silverware was an engagement gift some 21 years ago.
•Purple dinner plates are Better Homes & Gardens,
found at Walmart a few years back.
•Red salad plates from Oneida Outlet.
•Pumpkin bowls from Michaels, I believe.
•Purple glasses from Pier 1.

Oh yes, the centerpiece that started it all!
I cannot take credit for the beautiful flowers.
It was our idea to have the florist use the
pumpkin baskets, but the rest is all her talent. 

My sister stopped over the day after the wedding.
She was so surprised to see I created a tablescape
with the centerpiece.

With rich colored flowers that are soooo beautiful,
it was a cinch!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween is Coming

Just a short & sweet post today.

I wanted to share with you the dining room blackboard
and the Halloween sentiment that I added to it.

I am having alot of fun with this blackboard.

Thanks for stopping by today. 
Enjoy the day!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A little of this, a little of that

Well hello everyone!
It's so nice to return to the world of blogging.
I feel as though I've been away and out of touch for ages,
even it has only been 5 days or so!

First,  my niece's wedding was beautiful.
I wasn't very diligent about taking photos,
(you know, too much fun & all)
but I'd like to share a few.

One of the Bride....

and one of the Bride & Groom...

It was truly a special day filled
with love, family, fun & happy memories!


Second, do you remember my Farmer's Market Tablescape?

The tablecloth I used was from Kohl's.
A representative from Kohl's saw my tablescape and asked if I
would consider adding their link to my post. 
Sure! Why not?
I added the link for you here as well. 

Kohls' would also like to give all my readers
a 10% discount to their online site,
This discount is good until
October 24, 2012. 
Discount code is UBLOGTEN.

Isn't that awesome?

Last, I wanted to say that I have missed visiting
with all of you.  I don't know that I'll be able
to completely catch up on all I missed,
but rest assured that I will be back to making
my usual rounds to your blogs.

Here's to a great new week ahead! 


Friday, October 12, 2012

The Wedding

Thank you all so much for your kind Anniversary wishes for my husband & I!    I really appreciated it!

Now, for a different wedding...........
My niece is getting married on Saturday!   

I wanted to share a few things I've been working on over the past month or so.  My niece wants a candy buffet & no candy buffet is complete without a sign.... using an old frame from a garage sale, that I paid $1.00 for, I painted this Love is Sweet sign.  I then added a little fall prettiness to the corner.  Did I mention all the candy will be in shades of orange, brown or yellow/gold?

Now for the card holder...what to do?  Funny, this is my old birdcage that I was selling in my garage sale a few years ago.  At the time, my oldest sister pulled it out, told me I was crazy, & took it home with her!  Now that I see it again, I'm not so sure my sister is getting this back!  lol  Why would I want to sell this in the first place?  What was I thinking?

The bridesmaids are wearing gowns in a deep purple...eggplant actually.  My niece really wanted to play up the Fall theme.  So deep purple ribbon & some orange flowers are all this birdcage took to look pretty.  Still wondering about adding a tiny pumpkin...

Next, we have the place cards.  Round & round we went trying to find something we liked.  Nothing that a little crafting & a spray of glitter paint couldn't cure. 

So there you have my wedding projects.  I can't believe the day is almost here!!  Hopefully I can get some decent wedding photos to share with you next week. 

Have a great weekend & see you soon!     


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

20 years

Some days I have to ask myself  just how old I really am. 
I find that I'm alot older than I often think I am.
Do you have that problem too?

Here I am (with my high school sweetheart),
at our Junior Prom, May 31, 1985.
I am all of 16 years old here.

No snickering allowed.

Now take today, for instance.   

Am I really old enough to have been married for 20 years?
October 10, 1992~October 10, 2012

20 years is such a looooong time.

The answer is yes.  Apparently I am old enough. 
Oh good heavens...I'm old!

And yes, I am married to that high school sweetheart above.
Happy 20th Anniversary! ♥

In the words of Gladys Knight,
(who I just saw in concert...she was phenomenal)
"You're the best thing that ever happened to me."

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