Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Jack O Lantern's Dinnerscape

I can't believe how quickly time is moving along lately.
Is there really only 1 week until Halloween?

Before you know it, we will all be under
the magical spell of Christmas!

Please join Jack for a little dinner.....

I just realized this is a fairly thrifty tablescape.

I used my black & white checkered tablecloth again.
Purchased at Kohls. 

Dotted chargers:  Hobby Lobby, on clearance 60 cents each
Orange dinner plates:  Dollar Tree
Black appetizer plates:  Oneida Outlet
Napkins:  Etsy shop, Urban Style Stitches
Napkin Rings:  Given to me by my Mom
Black Flatware:  Cambridge, Home Goods
Goblets:  Kmart

For my centerpiece, I borrowed my sister's Jack O Lantern.
She made this in ceramics in the late 70s,
but hasn't decorated with him in years.  
Luckily, she was willing to pull him out of storage for me.
The little Treats glass figure is from Kohls. 
My Mom bought it for me last year.   

The salt & pepper shakers were on
clearance last year, and are from Target.

Jack says, "Enough with the details...let's eat!"

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  1. your decor must always make eating even more fun!!

  2. How cute is that! Do your kids still trick or treat? It's been years for me since my boys did.

    Yes, Christmas will be upon us before we know it. We got rid of most of our stuff before we moved, due to space constraints, so I get to buy all new stuff this year...weeeeee!!!

  3. I would be honored to set down at this Jack-O-Lantern's scape...Gina this is defiantly a "treat" not a "trick".
    What's for dinner...let me guess,"pumpkin-head soup",teehehe.

  4. I love this tablescape Gina! Especially those s&p pumpkins from Target, love holiday S&P's shackers! The plates sure were a deal for .60 a piece!

  5. How totally ADORABLE!

    And thriftily done makes it even BETTER!

    I love how you put everything together.

    Now tell "Jack" to be patient or the mood music you put on for your dinner party will be something from The Smaashing Pumpkins, haha.

    That's what he gets for being ungentlemanly, bwuahahaha.

  6. How cute is that!!!! I love it, what fun!!!

  7. Gina this is adorable! I love the black and white with all the orange pumpkins! You found some great deals on clearance items! Hugs, Linda

  8. How cute is this? Love all of it. Why doesn't your sister use her cute ceramic pumpkin?? I am a real throwback, I pull out some ceramics from the '70's each holiday, especially my jack o'lantern. :) xo

  9. Very cute. I really like the dotted chargers with the orange plates. Dollar Tree? REally? Sweet!
    Jack's happy face made me smile.

  10. Darling tablescape!
    How fun for you all to have a Halloween dinner together, around that table :)

    smiles :)

  11. Cute, cute, cute! I bet the kiddies loved it! I didn't realize Halloween was next week...I need to get candy!!


  12. I love the checked table cloth with the black and white polka dots. For some reason, that just sets off the entire table. I haven't done a fun and whimsical table this fall. You make me want to whip out the pumpkins before it's too late.

  13. again, you amaze me! love the combo of polka dots and gingham!

  14. I love it! Everything looks quite festive. I just love October and I can't believe it's almost over. Fall just flies by ~


  15. I love the mix of the checked tablecloth and the polka dot plates, it makes for such a cute table!! I used the same goblets! Good taste!! I just think they scream Halloween!

  16. Love it, Gina! The orange looks great on the black and white tablecloth! :D


  17. You sure can pull a darling table together with thrifty finds and loaned family pieces. I am definitely a collector and an accumulator but I sure don't have a lot of tablescape pieces on hand (and I know my Mom doesn't, she never entertains!)

  18. What a sweet and fun tablescape Gina. Looks like you are all set for Halloween....Your mantel looks amazing too.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  19. Awww, here is the tablecloth I keep thinking i have and I don't.. It's wonderful with this setting. I love the pumpkin. I remember doing ceramics too. This is really a pretty table. Love the polka dot chargers!! xo marlis

  20. I have that same tablecloth, too. Those chargers are adorable and look so pretty with your $ Tree plates. What a festive, fun table.

  21. Gina, I love you Halloween table! So, so pretty! Love the goblets and the dishes look so pretty with the black and white chargers. You always have the best inspiration for table settings!

  22. Way too cute to be spooky! :) Love the black goblets, and the polka dotted plates!

  23. What fun!! I love those orange plates and that black and white tablecloth. This table says I'm ready for halloween, bring it on.

  24. So cute! I love the black and white tablecloth for the background the orange plays off it perfectly! Those salt and pepper shakers are cute!

  25. Dramatic contrast with the black and white! I love the orange as an accent color and the cute jack-o-lantern centerpiece. Fun tablescape.

    Thanks, Pam

  26. Gina, this is one of the cutest Halloween tables I have seen. Love that the Jack-o-lantern is smiley instead of scarey. The plaid and polka dots go so well together.

  27. Super cute Gina. What time is dinner?

  28. :) Hope you ate at this cute one. I LOVE IT!~

  29. Gina, you have the best tablescapes! I need lessons! I can always find a wonderful decorative idea on your blog! Adorable!!!

  30. Oh, how fun! Two Jack-O-Lantern tablescapes next to each other! I love your tablecloth. I can see myself running to Kohl's tomorrow to see if I can add this to my collection. I also really love your little treat figurine. What a wonderful tablescape! Happy Halloween!

  31. Oh, Gina, your table is just darling! Thanks for popping in to see me and be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  32. What a festive tablescape!
    Love the tablecloth and the dotted chargers!

    Happy Friday.

    M :)

  33. Really cute Gina! You had me right off the bat with the tablecloth. :o)

  34. Gina, you are crazy talented at pulling together a gorgeous table! And the centre piece made by your sister, just wow!

  35. So cute! I especially love the polkadot chargers. Stay safe in the Frankenstorm!

  36. Verrrrry inspiring! Thanks for sharing.
    "HAPPY HALLOWEEN" -Brenda-

  37. Your Halloween tablescape is so cute. I love the combination of the black and white checks with the polka dot chargers. You really got a deal on those! Everything on your table says fun, fun, fun. I bet your kids are enjoying it.

  38. cute,cute, cute. I bet your family loves to eat at your table. You don't even have to know how to cook...~too cute!


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