Sunday, October 28, 2012

Love is Sweet {Candy Buffet}

By now I'm sure you know that my niece
 got married a few weeks ago.

I hadn't planned on showing the candy buffet
my sisters & I put together,
 but my niece insisted that I blog about it, so here it is.

The wedding had a Fall theme,
so we chose candies in the colors of
orange, brown & yellow/gold.

My niece lives in Texas, so she didn't really have anything
to do with the buffet other than telling us that she wanted one.  lol

Needless to say, she was quite pleased when she saw it!

As you can imagine,
the guests really enjoyed it!

I thought I may as well show the wedding cake too.
The leaves & pumpkins were edible.
The leaves shimmered...they were gorgeous!

So there you have it. 
The candy buffet & the wedding cake.
Love is sweet!

I really appreciate your visit.
Have a wonderful day! 


Welcome! I'm Gina. Like the header says, this blog is all about home, food and life..


  1. Oh Gina, that is so beautiful with the Fall colors....very tempting, nice job!!! And the cake is amazing, love it all!!!

  2. Gina! Why wouldn't you want to blog about this? Such a gorgeous autumn candy display. And the cake is beautiful, too. A great time of year to be married, unless it is today and you live in the mid-Atlantic states on the East Coast.......praying for all (including me!) in Frankenstorm's path. xo

  3. WOW!!!!!

    That's awesome, Gina! Oh my word!

    what a beautiful wedding for her, everything was SO danged perfect.

    I sure do wish them the best life has to offer.

    Well done, that buffet is amazing.

    And I cannot even bleieve that cake is/was REAL!

  4. Gina, That is so cute !!! I love that pretty cake. Smiles, Susie

  5. This is incredibly beautiful, Gina! I love the fall theme and the cake is gorgeous!

    My daughter is getting married in May and she pinned a candy bar awhile ago. She found a zillion apothecary jars at Homegoods and even has a banner that says Love Is Sweet! I had never heard of this before and thought she might have been over her head in details, but now I can see how wonderful it is!

    Your niece must have been so delighted, you did a beautiful job!


  6. Good Evening Gina, I love the display of sweet goodies on the table, and the Autumn colours are beautiful. The idea of a Sweet (Candy) Buffet really hits home with me as I have a sweet tooth. The cake is beautiful aswell. It sounds as if you and your family had a wonderful time at the wedding. Your niece will be so pleased she has a lovely aunt like you to organise these things. Enjoy the rest of your day. Best Wishes Daphne

  7. Hi Gina- I am back from my blogging break. What a great looking candy buffet. Just darling...or should I say SWEET? Your niece's cake is just gogeous!!! It looks a lot like my daughter's wedding cake. She made all the leaves herself out of rolled fondant and then dropped them off at the cake place. Have a wonderful Sunday- xo Diana

  8. Yummy and WOW this is awesome and the cake amazing...

  9. I love it. What a fun idea. Love how the colors of fall come out in the sweets.

  10. gorgeous! I love the Fall colors!! That cake is darling...

  11. Awesome Work, Gina!
    Love is indeed Sweet when between generous souls like yours.
    Be Blessed!

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  13. Gina, what a beautiful candy buffet! The colors are so perfect for a fall wedding! The cake is amazing, as well! I love fall weddings...the colors are just so pretty. You did a great job!

  14. Wow!!! I bet the guests were all over that!! I love how weddings have brought changes such as these. So much freer and so much fun is involved in creating a party atmosphere. You did such a wonderful thing and your "sweetness" shines through!

  15. What a wonderful idea. Love was definitely sweet at their wedding.


  16. I haven't seen a candy bar at any of the weddings I have went to but I have heard of them. The apothecary jars are just gorgeous filled with candy. The cake was beautiful too.

  17. Your candy buffet looks amazing! I love the cake also. What an awesome and original idea to have a Fall many summer ones, it's refreshing to see a wedding cake like that:)

  18. You did a wonderful job, the buffet looks gorgeously put together.

    Best wishes to your niece and her hubby.

  19. What a wonderful candy buffet. I realized that most of my favorite types of candy come in fall colors. Th caramels made my sweet tooth act up a little.

  20. Lovely candie table, love the cake. I think the flowers were made from marzipan, it reminds me of my brothers wedding cake. Nice job!

  21. Awesome! Do tell, did you eat a leaf?


  22. Glad you posted this! That is one stunning Candy Bar! Love the coordinated colors of the candy and decoration! Beautiful display! And I love the cake! I can just taste the pretty little edible leaves and pumpkins right through the screen! :)

    ...oh, like the little sign on the bar, too!

  23. Oh my gosh! That wedding cake is so beautiful with the edible leaves, and your candy buffet was the perfect accompaniment to the theme. I'm sure your niece was so pleased as well all the guests!!!

  24. That is so, so pretty. Love the caramel colors too. My niece is getting wed in the Spring. I wonder if she would be into this???
    I love it!!

  25. What an awesome candy buffet, and the wedding cake looked beautiful!

  26. Gina, I'm so glad you shared this. Your candy bar is gorgeous and looks so yummy! The cake is stunning and I love all the Fall leaves. What a perfect choice for a Fall wedding!

  27. that's perfect! when are you going into the wedding planning business?

  28. Well, I don't know anyone in their right mind who would not enjoy all these fabulous goodies! What a lovely display you did. The cake was gorgeous!

  29. Gina, that is a gorgeous table! You guys did a fabulous job with it! I am glad you did blog about it. Great inspiration!!!

  30. WOW! Awesome Gina... I can see lbs on the hips.... lol

  31. So pretty. We were married in the fall...I wish I had had brains enough back then to actually use fall colors and pretty things like this!

  32. Beautiful!
    You did such a wonderful job on the candy buffet!
    I'm certain that the guest enjoyed both the candy, and the presentation.

    Love that Fall cake. So darling too.

    Warm Fall Wishes..

  33. You would think I'd had enough candy with Halloween, but this candy buffet just looks too yummy. My daughter is getting married in Dec. and I'm hoarding good ideas. This one is going to the top of the hoard! It would be fun to adapt to a winter theme. That sign is sooo cute..."Love is Sweet", I'd have to agree.



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