Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Idol rantings

Gotta say I loved American Idol tonight! I forgot that I always love the finale show, not because I finally get to see who won, but because I love all the performances. I missed the 1st 15 minutes of the show, but the remaining hour & 45 minutes were so freakin' enjoyable!
I nearly fell off the couch when Blake sang with Doug E Fresh!! It was freakin' Doug E Fresh! Talk about a blast from the past! Loved, loved, loved Doug E back in the day...made me wish for my old cassettes of him & the Get Fresh Crew! Guess I'll be stalking itunes tomorrow, gotta get some Doug E for the pod.
Thrilled to see Gladys! Man, is that woman ever going to age? Love Gladys.
The duet with Jordin & Rueben was awesome!! They sang perfectly together!
Green Day! Can you believe Green Day rocked the Idol? Loved it!
I nearly died when Bette Midler came out! I've been a Bette fan for ages. Love there's an entertainer!

All in all, a fantastic night of entertainment for me. I didn't really care who won this year. I knew it'd be Jordin, but I was secretly hoping for Blake, just for something different. I will say this though: Jordin looked gorgeous in the orange-ish gown that she wore at the end of the show...what a fabulous color, one of my favs!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Oddly attached

I have decided that I am oddly attached to scrapbook supplies (who isn't, really?).

Since the beginning, I would become attached to a certain item in particular, seek it out, stalk websites for it, buy every possible color, etc. However, the clincher to all of this is that I would never use said item because I loved it too much.

What is this nonsense, you ask? If you love it and are attached to it, why would you not use it?? I wish I knew the answer. At first it was the decorative edged scissors, (every style), then those paper doll people (I still have tons & can't part with them), fibers (you name the color & texture), the Junkitz alphabet buttons (every color manufactured), buttons (I never met a button I didn't like) and now it's journaling spots and Basic Grey Phoebe! I've had BG Phoebe for months & I've only used one sheet, I just can't part with it. Journaling spots are building into quite a nice pile, I think I've used two. Why? Why must I hoard things like this? You'd think I lived through the Depression or something! You would think I'd be smart enough to figure out that eventually the items I covet, are the ones that never get used & end up collecting dust. Maybe there's a 12 step program out there to help crazies like me? I don't know.

I'm going to make a promise right here on my blog in front of all the hundreds of people who read this (ok, there's not really hundreds of you, maybe 3?) to use an item that I am oddly attached to, this week. Let's see if I can't help myself here.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Gotta love a good mail day!

Look what appeared on my doorstep on Saturday:

Jenni Bowlin's May kit! I am finally getting a chance to scrap today and cannot wait to use it!

Monday, May 7, 2007

The rocket is back!

I shall be eternally grateful for this little gem that I found on Youtube today. Gets me all teary eyed just watching it.

There could not have been a better way to announce his return. The rocket is going to rock the Bronx once again! Did I ever tell you I have a "thing" for Roger Clemens?

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Pure Genius

I, like many others, am a 12 X 12 scrapper...always have been. There have been times (like when my scanner refuses to allow a perfect stitch because of bulkiness) that I have toyed with the idea of going 8 1/2 X 11. Really, the stress of stitching overwhelms me sometimes. Then I think of all the pros and cons of changing over and somehow the cons always win out.
In perusing the Two Peas Garden this week, I found the most fabulous idea by Lisa McGarvey. She has combined 12 X 12, 8 1/2 X 11 and even 8 X 8 pages into one album! Yes, one album!
Here is the link if you need to see this to believe it.

When I was reading Lisa's opening details, I couldn't for the life of me envision how ridiculous having 3 sizes of pages in one album would look. I mean, really, who would even think of something so silly? But then I scrolled down to the photos and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. I couldn't believe how stinkin' cool this looks! What an amazing idea! Now Lisa claims this phenomenal idea is the brainchild of Tara Whitney & Emily Falconbridge, but anyway you look at it, these women are genius...pure genius!

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