Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Give Thanks 2010

I've really been neglecting the old blog lately. There's just so much to do!
We're hosting dinner for 13 tomorrow so I've been running around like a whirlwind the past couple of days.

This year, I made these little placecards for the table. They're just some precut wood ovals from Michael's that I painted with chalkboard paint. (The holders came from The Christmas Tree Shop a few years ago.) Kinda cute, huh?

Other than that, I've almost got the rest of the table set & ready to go. Just lots of cooking remains. (The pies are done though. My mom, sisters & I made 7 pies today!) Of course, this year (thanks to my committing a design sin) I have this wonderful item on my kitchen counter:

to enjoy this:

Have I told you that one of my most favorite parts of Thanksgiving is watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade? I've watched it faithfully every year since I was a kid. I also cry (although I'm reluctant to admit here) when the Rockettes dance. Awe struck, I am!

Since I inherited Thanksgiving dinner two years ago from my husband's aunt, with all the cooking & such, I could no longer watch the parade. I would DVR it, but somehow watching the parade hours after it occurred really took all the fun out of it. It was never the same. Thanks to my little kitchen TV, I can now watch the parade live & still cook. See, there's something to be thankful for everywhere!

So with that, I would like to wish all my blog friends & their families a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! I hope it's a happy one and filled with lots of blessings. Please know that I am thankful for each & every one of you!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Mail Day

It's been quite awhile since I had a Happy Mail Day.

When I was an avid scrapbooker, I used to have Happy Mail Days all the time. You know, the ones when your friendly mail man (or lady) delivers a package filled with all the scrap crap that sets your heart aflutter? Yes? No? Maybe you don't know the feeling of a Happy Mail Day.

Anyway, today I decided to take a half day off from work. I had not been home for 10 minutes when suddenly, I heard a "thump" at the back door. I curiously ran to the window and spotted my mail man walking away. For the life of me, I couldn't imagine what he delivered that would have gone "thump."

I ran to the back door and sure enough, I was delighted to find a package. It was the Better Homes & Gardens Holiday 2010 book that I ordered. I then turned to the mail box and found another delightful sight...the Matthew Mead Holiday book! Two in one day! See what I mean? A Happy Mail Day!

So here I was, home from work, with any number of grueling tasks to do, but somehow, somehow, the Mail Gods decided to send me a diversion...a wonderful, happy, diversion.

Just need to grab a cup of hot tea & cuddle up in this spot.

Ahhh, thank you Mail Gods...I owe you one!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dreaming of Tablescapes

I seem to have disappeared from blogland for the last couple of weeks. October can do that to me. It's such a crazy, busy month for us. Half the time I didn't know whether I was coming or going. My entire calendar was filled with birthday parties, anniversaries, games & practices, Halloween parties...ugh...can I just say I'm relieved that October is over?


Anyhoo, I've been dreaming of tablescapes. Thanksgiving tablescapes to be more specific. I have amassed quite a collection of pictures for inspiration. Wanna see some of this inspiration?

**all photos from Better Homes & Gardens

I think I've got a little too much inspiration going on here. I've got to narrow it down & make a decision as to which direction I'm going in. Do you host Thanksgiving at your house? If so, have you planned your tablescape yet?

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