Saturday, May 24, 2014

Reality -vs- Fantasy

In my reality, 

I look at blogs...or decorating magazines...or Pinterest
and I come across an image that makes me happy.
It's usually some space that looks like perfection to me. 
Every piece in the space appears to be carefully selected
just to make me swoon. 
The space always has such style and flair and
 there is often some great handbag,
or even better, a pair of perfect shoes, 
styled into the room to grab my attention.

 Kind of like this:

Do you see those well placed shoes on the right hand side? 

In  my fantasy, 

I wonder how it would feel to have a room in my home
look perfectly put together like that.
I wonder how it would feel to walk into a room and sigh
with contentment, seeing those shoes thrown off to the side,
luring me in.  

Well my friends, 
I am here to say,
 my fantasy has become my reality!

I walked into my sitting room and chanced upon this image:


 Something tells me my son's LeBron James sneakers are not going 
to help me achieve that image of perfection, no matter how
well placed they may appear! 

I really hate it when the lines of reality & fantasy get blurred.  :)

Happy Memorial Day weekend, my friends!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Spring Flowers Tablescape

Hello all my dear sweet friends! 

I was away from blogging much longer than I intended.  
Since Easter, it's been one thing after another 
and unfortunately, not all has been good.  

May's calendar is chock full...I'm exhausted just thinking about it.  
I won't bore you with all the details, 
so let's get a little Spring tablescape going instead......

I haven't tablescaped in some time, so
this one is simple & sweet. 

We are finally seeing signs of Spring!
Don't get me wrong, it's been chilly and rainy,
but at least the daffodils have bloomed!
(the tulips are holding out on me though)

I love this tablecloth from Kohls.  When I started this tablescape,
I drove myself nuts playing with dishes of all the colors in the tablecloth.
Finally, I managed to narrow it down by removing the majority of them.

Pink cabbage plate & bowl:  Bordallo Pinheiro (Tuesday Morning)
White chargers:  Oneida Outlet
Place mats:  Home Goods
Green flatware:  Home Goods
Napkins:  Bed, Bath & Beyond
Goblets:  Dollar Store

I used a small basket filled with assorted flowers for the centerpiece,
a couple of small crystal candlestick holders,
and that's pretty much it!

I told you it was simple & sweet!

I really look forward to getting around & visiting all of you soon.
I've missed you all so much!  


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