Saturday, May 24, 2014

Reality -vs- Fantasy

In my reality, 

I look at blogs...or decorating magazines...or Pinterest
and I come across an image that makes me happy.
It's usually some space that looks like perfection to me. 
Every piece in the space appears to be carefully selected
just to make me swoon. 
The space always has such style and flair and
 there is often some great handbag,
or even better, a pair of perfect shoes, 
styled into the room to grab my attention.

 Kind of like this:

Do you see those well placed shoes on the right hand side? 

In  my fantasy, 

I wonder how it would feel to have a room in my home
look perfectly put together like that.
I wonder how it would feel to walk into a room and sigh
with contentment, seeing those shoes thrown off to the side,
luring me in.  

Well my friends, 
I am here to say,
 my fantasy has become my reality!

I walked into my sitting room and chanced upon this image:


 Something tells me my son's LeBron James sneakers are not going 
to help me achieve that image of perfection, no matter how
well placed they may appear! 

I really hate it when the lines of reality & fantasy get blurred.  :)

Happy Memorial Day weekend, my friends!


Welcome! I'm Gina. Like the header says, this blog is all about home, food and life..


  1. :) That totally made me smile Gina! Have a wonderful weekend. XO

  2. LOl Great post, Gina! You are sooo right! Have a great Sunday, shoes and all! :)

  3. You funny girl! My house is perfect too with flip flops laying all around. Who wants perfection?!

  4. That's the kind of perfection that I LOVE!
    Have a blessed weekend, Gina!

  5. Cute post and I think his shoes are so much better than the first pair. Looks like home.

  6. LOL! I just laughed out loud, Gina! Now, that is truly the reality that we all know!

  7. That was cute Gina! Having raised 3 boys, skateboards were always part of my "decor":) You'll miss the mess when it's gone:(

  8. I read that picture completely differently.

    I saw a young boy/man's shoes and his ear phones and thought that mom had created a place where he felt welcome and comfortable. The home where he grew up was not styled for a magazine, but for a family. He wanted to be in his home.

    I am former middle school teacher who taught in the ghetto and had students who lived 4 families to a house. They did not want to be at home because it was not a welcoming safe haven.

    I think your reality is wonderful!

  9. Comfortable reality as it should be.....makes me smile!!! Have a great weekend!!

  10. LOL! Perfect! My first giggle in blogland today! Have a great Memorial Day.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. Way too funny!
    At least your home is comfy to
    your kids and thay can leave their
    stuff out.
    That's life.

    Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend!

    M : )

  12. Still looks good to me. When we toss our shoes to a room, they never look that good.

  13. Okay, good hearty laugh was had by moi.... thanks Gina. Glad to see that you too have the reality of boys shoes thrown in to the image. My son wears a size 13... I love him but those shoes... well, you can imagine. :)

  14. The kind of post that makes me glad all over...

  15. OMG Gina I laughed so hard tears streamed down my face. Hahaha, seriously I can't stop laughing.

    You are HILARIOUS. Totally just made my day. Hahaha.

  16. LOL! That's real life, girrrrl! Those are the things that make our houses homes! ♥ Love it!

  17. Awesome!
    Glad to see that you can retain your sense of humor ** smile **.

    Have a happy, and perfect day :)


  18. LOL You crack me up! I love the sneakers. Your house is definitely magazine worthy….just replace the sneaker with stappy heels! ;P

  19. Okay, I'm totally cracking up, Gina! I think maybe you should read The Nester's new book. She will tell you that there is total perfection in the imperfections. I'm working on that grand tidbit of advice constantly! For me, it's my hubby's ratty old sneakers kicked off in the middle of the room and his hearing aids laying on the end table -- I think he takes those out so he doesn't have to hear me!

  20. I literally.
    Very loud.
    With my head thrown back a bit.

    Thanks for that, xo Shan


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