Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Rain, rain, go away

When is this rain going to end?? I feel like it's been raining for months! The gray & gloominess is beginning to get on my nerves too. I need sunshine (minus the humidity, of course). How did all those people out West survive El Nino? I can't imagine it. I've come to the conclusion if I didn't complain about the weather, I'd have nothing to complain about!!

Friday, June 23, 2006

On the market, job market that is!

Since my days of being a SAHM are numbered, I will be entering the work force after 8 1/2 years this fall (hopefully)! I'm going to be a Teacher's Assistant...I took the required classes, took the state test, and have the necessary college credits. I have to apply for certification from the state and then I'm all set...I just need a job!!!The city school district called yesterday, they have vacancies in some of the schools, unfortunately, not in my children's school. Anyway, I went to the district office this morning, and the secretary sent my application to two of the schools. The problem is that if someone already within in district wants one of the posted positions, they get first dibs. Also, I won't know anything until the last 2 weeks of August because the principals at each school review the applications and they are off for summer vacation and won't return until then. Oh the waiting is going to kill me!! At least the secretary told me to keep checking back over the summer because more vacancies may become available. I hate not knowing what's ahead...oh it's going to be a loooooooooong summer!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

I can't breath!

Where does all this stuff come from?? I swear, my house is full of stuff and I swear it reproduces or something. I just had a huge cleaning out a few months ago and I feel like I need another one. The kids have TOO much, just TOO much. I know I should be thankful that they have so much, but really, it's getting suffocating! Little toys, big toys, and the worst...kid's meal toys!! (those definitely reproduce, no question about it...who is eating all this fast food anyway?) I feel so overwhelmed, I don't know where to begin the cleaning & purging process. What one child wants to get rid of, the other refuses to part with! It's a vicious cycle I tell ya! I've always considered myself clean & organized almost to the point of OCD, but the kids are certainly testing me lately. Tomorrow. I need to start tomorrow before I go insane.

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

That's it! I'm taking a stand!

I've had enough! What I'm going to say may shock, even cause panic in those weak of heart, but I have come to the conclusion that I am no longer going to journal on those mundane holiday LOs of which I have nothing more to report on than mere details. There! I've said it!

I will not be pressured to report, "Easter was a wonderful day...blah, blah, blah...we had a delicious dinner of...blah, blah, blah... any more!!" If there is nothing exciting or memorable to report about such & such a holiday, I'm no longer going to report it. Simple as that! Now don't get me wrong, I have always thought that journaling was my strong suit. I've always been a writer at heart but useless antedotes are not my style and I refuse to keep torturing myself and my audience with boring accounts of holiday celebrations. I am above that!

So Scrappers of America, raise your right hands and repeat: "We will no longer be forced to follow the rules of good scrapbooking conduct when we feel that said rules are sucking the life force, fun, and enjoyment out of the hobby."

There ya go...don't you feel liberated now? Thank you, thank you....no need for applause.

Sunday, June 4, 2006

Bring Steve back! Bring Steve back!

So, I had a garage sale over the weekend and while I was cleaning out, I came across some videos that my kiddos no longer watch. Among them were the Wiggles, Bear in the Big Blue House and Blue's Clues. I decided I might be better off putting these items up for sale on ebay instead of throwing them into the sale. With that, I listed the Bear videos, I listed the Wiggles videos, but for some reason, I hesitated on the Blue's Clues videos. I thought I'd wait until the kids came home from school to make sure they didn't want any of these before I put them on ebay.

Good thing I did, because they (particularly Johnny) acted like they had never seen any of them before!! Being that the weather has been cool and rainy, they've been watching videos quite a bit and Blue has gotten some serious air time. Tonight, they enlisted me to watch with them and I thought to myself "ugh, Blue's Clues!" However, being the good mommy , I settled in to watch. You know, I was pleasantly surprised! Since these videos are older, they feature Steve, instead of Joe. Ahhh Steve! Good old Steve, how I loved him! I remember so well the announcement a few years ago of Steve leaving the show and how I thought Olivia would be lost without Steve. Instead it was me...I was attached to Steve...I was lost without him...I cried on that final episode when he "went away to college." I also remember dh teasing me about the tears in my eyes during that episode! Having Joe take Steve's place has never cut it for me, to tell the truth, my kids really didn't watch the show much after Joe arrived. I thought it was because they had outgrown Blue, but now, I'm willing to bet, it was just because they disliked Joe as much as I did.

So with that, I chant....Bring Steve back!! Bring Steve back!!! There's practically a whole generation of kids out there who are missing out on the pleaure of Steve hosting Blue's Clues and what a shame that is! To me, Blue's Clues just isn't Blue's Clues without Steve...Rock on, Steve Burns, rock on!

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