Sunday, June 4, 2006

Bring Steve back! Bring Steve back!

So, I had a garage sale over the weekend and while I was cleaning out, I came across some videos that my kiddos no longer watch. Among them were the Wiggles, Bear in the Big Blue House and Blue's Clues. I decided I might be better off putting these items up for sale on ebay instead of throwing them into the sale. With that, I listed the Bear videos, I listed the Wiggles videos, but for some reason, I hesitated on the Blue's Clues videos. I thought I'd wait until the kids came home from school to make sure they didn't want any of these before I put them on ebay.

Good thing I did, because they (particularly Johnny) acted like they had never seen any of them before!! Being that the weather has been cool and rainy, they've been watching videos quite a bit and Blue has gotten some serious air time. Tonight, they enlisted me to watch with them and I thought to myself "ugh, Blue's Clues!" However, being the good mommy , I settled in to watch. You know, I was pleasantly surprised! Since these videos are older, they feature Steve, instead of Joe. Ahhh Steve! Good old Steve, how I loved him! I remember so well the announcement a few years ago of Steve leaving the show and how I thought Olivia would be lost without Steve. Instead it was me...I was attached to Steve...I was lost without him...I cried on that final episode when he "went away to college." I also remember dh teasing me about the tears in my eyes during that episode! Having Joe take Steve's place has never cut it for me, to tell the truth, my kids really didn't watch the show much after Joe arrived. I thought it was because they had outgrown Blue, but now, I'm willing to bet, it was just because they disliked Joe as much as I did.

So with that, I chant....Bring Steve back!! Bring Steve back!!! There's practically a whole generation of kids out there who are missing out on the pleaure of Steve hosting Blue's Clues and what a shame that is! To me, Blue's Clues just isn't Blue's Clues without Steve...Rock on, Steve Burns, rock on!

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