Friday, June 23, 2006

On the market, job market that is!

Since my days of being a SAHM are numbered, I will be entering the work force after 8 1/2 years this fall (hopefully)! I'm going to be a Teacher's Assistant...I took the required classes, took the state test, and have the necessary college credits. I have to apply for certification from the state and then I'm all set...I just need a job!!!The city school district called yesterday, they have vacancies in some of the schools, unfortunately, not in my children's school. Anyway, I went to the district office this morning, and the secretary sent my application to two of the schools. The problem is that if someone already within in district wants one of the posted positions, they get first dibs. Also, I won't know anything until the last 2 weeks of August because the principals at each school review the applications and they are off for summer vacation and won't return until then. Oh the waiting is going to kill me!! At least the secretary told me to keep checking back over the summer because more vacancies may become available. I hate not knowing what's ahead...oh it's going to be a loooooooooong summer!

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