Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Red, white, blue & BRONZE

I've gone missing.
Blame it on the Olympics.
 I'm addicted.
(I've got the dark circles under my eyes to prove it.)
Do you mind if I share something with you?
This is the front page of our local newspaper.
Best front page ever!!
Erin Hamlin wins a bronze medal in women's luge!
Erin is the first American to medal in singles luge,
male or female,
since luge became an Olympic event in 1964.
Pretty darn impressive!
Why am I so excited, you ask?
Well, Erin is from our area and
who doesn't love a local hero?
Congratulations, Erin!!
Ok, I'm signing off.
If I haven't visited you lately,
please know that I'm around but
right now my patriotic-Olympic-loving
self is planted directly in front of the TV.

Welcome! I'm Gina. Like the header says, this blog is all about home, food and life..


  1. That's GREAT NEWS, Gina!!

    Hey when you get the chance stop by, I posted some rather good news myself.

  2. That's wonderful Gina. I enjoy watching it too!

  3. Enjoy the Olympics and congrats to your local winner! xoDiana

  4. Gina! We were touting Erin on FB last night! Soooo proud of her! When we were up at Whistler a couple weeks ago, we were watching the next generation of "Canadian Lugers", compete. Some of them were about 10 year's old! So small and so brave!
    Congratulations to you local ice flying star!

  5. I should have said..."shooting star!"
    Enjoy the games, do not worry about a reply, my friend!

  6. We don't have cable so we are not able to watch any of the Olympics, but several bloggers have shared great stories like yours and I love reading them.

  7. Such a smart mother Gina, my mother would have done the same thing!


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