Monday, February 24, 2014

A Transitional Winter Spring Dining Hutch

I have found myself longing for Spring.  
Longing for soft colors, buds on trees, and fresh air.

Oh Spring! 
I know that you are near, 
but sometimes you are just not near enough! 

 I wanted to decorate for Spring so badly.
Trouble is, it's hard to decorate for Spring 
while there's so much snow on the ground.
We did got a few warmer days, temps up into the mid 40s, 
but from what I hear,
the single digits are back this week.

What to do?

I made a transitional Winter to Spring vignette
 on my dining hutch.  
A touch of Spring, but without all the 
soft colors of Spring that I'm craving right now.  

Neutral is the name of the game.

I made the rag wreath out of cream, white & beige fabric.

You've probably seen a lot of this stuff in other vignettes before.

The only new piece is the screened box.
I found it at the antique store & I just loved it.
I have no idea what it could have been used for in its
former life, but I like the texture it adds here.

I pretty much "shopped the house" for this display.

I love to borrow from around the house,
but the trouble is, it always leads
to having to fill in the stuff I borrowed
from the other rooms!  

C'mon Spring!
I'm patiently waiting for you.

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  1. Oh I am waiting patiently as well. Meanwhile, your spring dining hutch is looking very inspirational.

  2. Gina - this vignette is lovely and I adore the neutral colors. I am always attracted to brown, white and beige in my real life. My tablescaping life is a different matter!! I think Spring has already arrived at my house - we will see!! It is supposed to be 72 degrees here today and the Red Bud trees are blooming!!

  3. Gorgeous vignette, Gina! I am anxiously awaiting spring...anything that is green!

  4. Gina, this is so pretty and just perfect for this time of year. Your rag wreath is so cute! I love the bird sitting on the pedestal bowl. I think the screened tray is something that gardeners use for sifting through seeds, cuttings, etc. And they dry veggies, herbs and fruit on these. Not positive.

    I have to do something with my mantel...thanks for the inspiration! :)


  5. Gina, I am doing exactly the same thing today and I am still rearranging!

  6. Gina your vignette is beautiful. I love the neutral colors. I'm so over this winter already!!

  7. Oh Gina, it's beautiful! I love it!!

  8. Oh- It all looks just gorgeous, Gina. You did a great job.

    Now, I am not sure but I THINK that screened piece is one they might have used in the bottom of a bee hive to keep larger "critters" from gaining access to the hive/honey from underneath the hive. I remember seeing something similar because my uncle kept bees on our farm and his. xo Diana

  9. Very pretty Gina. As always, I love your vignettes! We have a tray exactly like that and we use it to sift the trash/dirt from our field peas. My husband puts a fan underneath it and it blows the lightweight hulls etc out after we shell them in the pea sheller. The wire is just thick enough to keep peas from falling through. I guess this type of tray box has many uses. Hopefully spring will be here soon. My garden needs a ton of work, we could use some pretty days!

  10. How beautiful, Gina! You always do such pretty vigenettes. I love this look! Hurry up, Spring! :)

  11. I love your neutrals with all the whites. So pretty this transitional time of year. Love this, Gina!!
    Mary Alice

  12. Gina, this vignette is so pretty! I love your choice of neutrals! You always have the best ideas! I know where to come when I need some inspiration!

  13. Stunning! We've had warm temps for a few days...almost 80F and now back to the 40's & rain. :)


  14. Very cute Gina! Perfect transition for Winter.

  15. Well, since you decor for it so nicely I won't be sorry for you. At all. What a lovely Hutch... so whimsical and peaceful. An Hymn to Winter, which has its own unique Beauty.

    We're on that phase that we have the four seasons (well, the Summer part is only me thinking - I'd live well with 60 degrees for Summer ah) during the day but Nature is battling Global Warming or/and Polar Vortex in an inspiring fashion :)
    First buds are here - and may (will!) be doomed when Winter shows up during the night :( - flowers too, but do they care?! Nope, braving and trusting.
    Hope Sun shines in your neck of the woods soon and you can create and enjoy Spring indoors and outdoors.

  16. Gina, you make the prettiest vignettes and your transitional one waiting for Spring is perfect! Did you paint your hutch or did you buy it that color? I am really thinking of lightening up some pieces that I have.
    Also, your "new" old lantern does look wonderful right back where it belongs. Mom's are so smart!!! xo

  17. Hi Gina! I love your neutral colored hutch! I shop my house all the time as well...surprising how just re tweaking a few things from here to there can make such a difference. I am so ready for spring as well,,,I am working on my wee shelf above the stove today, so hopefully will get a post done on it soon. Happy thoughts of spring weather to you my friend!

  18. How pretty! I adore winter whites, and the texture of the browns do hint at spring. :D

    You are very good at staging vignettes, m'dear! LOVE this one!


  19. It's a super look Gina. I'm seeing neutrals everywhere lately.
    I hope spring comes soon too. As you know it's snowing once again. I think a big storm is coming this weekend. UGH

  20. I love it! I am so all about neutrals anyway, and this year more than ever. It's a perfect transitional look.

  21. What a great idea, transitional decor. I am so ready for Spring too. Your hutch looks beautiful. I just love, love, love the screened box. Sending you tons of warm hugs.


  22. Not sure how I missed this until now, but I love it. So pretty. I am more and more into someting super soft and monochromatic. Gorgeous vignette. Hugs, Marty

  23. Lovely Gina, I love the clean neutral look of it all. Such a fun rag wreath too.

  24. I think we are all liking the soft natural look of your spring hutch and decor. We have more snow here in Kansas City today.

  25. Love this. The textures and soft white are perfect together.

  26. I'll live vicariously through you and pretend my house is decorated for anything resembling Spring... and not a tornado of room flipping.


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