Friday, June 15, 2012

From Black to Old White

Sometimes I get an idea in my head.
Sometimes that idea scares me.
I just know you can relate to this.
I decided that I hated  strongly disliked the black hutch and chairs
in my dining room.

Somehow, and I'm not really sure how,
I managed to convince my husband that I needed
 all that black to just go away.   

Enter my new chairs.

Now the crazy part. 
I refused to get rid of the black chairs because
suppose, just suppose, I wanted them back?
Yeah, my poor husband,
I don't know how he tolerates me sometimes.

I now have 6 black chairs, just sitting in the basement
for the day that my fickleness decides
it wants the black again.

Anyhoo, geez this is getting long,
I was also going to buy a new hutch and store
the old black one in the basement.

However,  I knew all these extra pieces
in the basement would surely send my husband over the edge.
Six chairs are bad enough. 
Not to mention all the other crap I have down there.

So, I painted it.
I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in
Old White.
Surprising I know, because I have a love/hate
relationship with chalk paint.

Once she was all painted and it was time for sanding/distressing, I started
to panic.  How I wished I could snap my fingers and make a few of you
furniture painting divas appear to lend me a hand!

The piece had the worn & distressed look to begin with,
so I just followed what was already there.

 I suffered through and now I have to say,
I'm thrilled with the result.  I love seeing this hutch in white.
The black was just not my thing.  

Time to cue Martha Stewart now:

It's a good thing.

Wishing you a wonderful, sun-shined filled weekend!

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  1. I recognize that Broyhill dining chest (I work in a furniture store). It looks great painted white. The furniture divas will be proud!

  2. It is gorgeous!!! You did a fantastic job painting. Painting all those chairs would NOT have been fun so its great you can store them :-) Our hubby's must be related. I'm amazed at what mine will endure too (me and my ideas) Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Gina,

    Your new chairs are beautiful. I LOVE how you painted the hutch.


  4. Awesome job Gina!! Your hutch looks great white and blends nicely with your other furnishings. Love it and love your new chairs too!

  5. Gina- YOU DID AN AWESOME JOB! I love it- and I, too, have a love/hate relationship with AS paint. Your hutch turned out really great. It looks wonderful.

    I hear you about storing chairs- it is just scary to get rid of some things, isn't it? xo Diana

  6. Wonderful! Wonderful! I love the new chairs and I love that hutch with the white. I'm trying to teach myself this mantra: It's just paint, Debbie, it's just paint...

  7. That is the most beautiful piece of furniture I have ever seen & the paint job is PERFECTION!! Great job, and your chairs are fabulous too.

  8. Wow Gina, it looks amazing! I haven't used chalk paint yet and I'm afraid to because I've heard such varying opinions of's a lot of money to spend if I end up not liking it! Do you veer more toward liking it or not liking?

  9. GINA!!!! It's incredible!

    I love black and have a lot of it, but wow does that ever look great!

    I have ASCP and have only just begun to paint little things, it is startling how strong my fear to tackle large painting projects much in fact that I have practically given away several wooden pieces and just decided not to do them. Ugh, I am such a chicken - so it was pretty danged courtageous of you to do that!


    Also, where are you located? Wanna sell em? I need new chairs and black would work! (Kinda serious about that, actually.) : - )

  10. Dear girl! That is an awesome transformation. The hutch honestly looks like it was done by a professional. Too impressive!!

  11. Oh Gina....that hutch turned out great!!! That is an adorable piece with such character, love the bun feet, you did a wonderful job girl!!!

    I also saved and still save furniture in the basement just in case.....however, as children get older and move out they like to take these things with them since they will be short on out they go to serve in a new home!!! Perfect!!!

  12. Gina, you did a great job! Maybe you could have painted the chairs, too! I have never worked with chalk paint....what is it about it that you don't like? (love/hate). xo

  13. I happen to love black furniture, but I agree...this piecs is much better in white. It's really fabulous!

  14. You did great. I flunked my painting job last week. Got to have the ASCP. I did spray a little Rustolem in heirloom white and it fixed the problem and now I love the pieces.
    But, love yours.

  15. I really, really like the new look of your cabinet and the chairs are so pretty! I do hate painting!

  16. Hi Gina, you did good girl!!! Love the chairs and how the hutch turned out, really a great job!

  17. Oh G! It looks so fresh and pretty in the white! It just shows up so much more.

    Lucky girl, that basement came in handy ;) I would have a hard time parting with the chairs too. You can pop them back in at Halloween/Fall and then switch out again.

    Looking good =)))

  18. I loved the black but the white is awesome! Just think how cute it will be decorating it for the holidays!!!

  19. Wow, you did a fabulous job! I notice you have another mirror above the chest now too. I totally understand about not getting rid of the chairs. I'm a lover of black and I would never get rid of them! A girl can change her mind anytime, right? :-)


  20. Goodness gracious, Gina! That. is. gorgeous. !! If I saw it in a shop, I would totally want to buy it!
    I have a dining set that's two-toned wood and black and a big o'l- black hutch to match. I've been wanting to do the same thing and lighten them up, but have been way to afraid to tackle it. This may help *my* husband see it would be easy-ish to do. I hope! :)

  21. Yep! Paint is a very good thing, and I think the white paint is a huge improvement! (but of course I love white, so don't ask me ;P )


  22. I just saw this shared on Fox Hollow Cottage facebook page and I just had to come and take a look! It is beautiful! Love the way it is styled too, all the details look great! {love the bicycle!}

  23. Well Gina, look at you! You took a leap and it looks fabulous!! Great job, sweet friend!

  24. I just painted my kitchen table white and my windsor chairs black so I'm not tire of the black yet but I get what you're talking about. I'm always changing my mind about things. I do like the cabinet better in white! Oh the power of paint, love it!

  25. LOVE IT ALL!!! The hutch turned out beautiful! And the chairs are really pretty! And the little bicycle in the vignette is just to cute! :)

  26. Wow Gina, that looks beautiful! You really did an amazing job. I've never tried ASCP,but it sure looks great on your hutch. Your new chairs are pretty too.

  27. I LOVE THE WHITE HUTCH. SERIOUSLY LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! it's totally perfect! you did an amazing job, gina!

  28. I LOVE THE WHITE HUTCH. SERIOUSLY LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! it's totally perfect! you did an amazing job, gina!

  29. Un felice fine settimana a Te...ciao

  30. WOW! The hutch turned out BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE it!!! I can totally relate!! Sometimes I think I don't even know what I want anymore! I wish I could find a style or color scheme that I absolutely LOVE no matter what other styles or color combos are popular... lol

  31. I LOVE the 'old' did a great job! You are right up there with with reigning divas.

  32. OMGoodness Gina, that looks GREAT painted white and I love your new chairs!

  33. Looks absolutely beautiful in white Gina. Great job my friend.

    Much love,

  34. Oh my gosh! That cabinet is amazing! Don't worry you will never want the black back on that cab. And your new white chairs a just killer cute! I totally love them!

  35. Well, that is just practically perfect! Visiting from DIY by Design. I would love it if you would share this post at my Make it Pretty Monday link party @TheDedicatedHouse. Wishing you a grand evening. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  36. Wow! that is really lovely, so lucky it was black before as the distressing is absolutely perfect - you did an amazing job I'm not surprised you love seeing! CJ

  37. I like it black but WOW with the white. I love this.


    Saw you on DIY

  38. Thanks for sharing this at Make it Pretty Monday at The Dedicated House! And, thank you and welcome to our fun group of followers. Hope to see you again on Monday! Wishing you a grand evening. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  39. That turned out AMAZING! Love your whole vignette, too :)

  40. Gina, you are so talented. And all of your pics are so pretty. Yes, my husband hates when I know, I've been thinking...haha


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