Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nautical Wall Gallery (in the Spotlight)

Another new week, another Newbie Spotlight
found at Debbiedoo's Newbie Party! 

This week, the Newbie Spotlight of the Week goes to:

Katie shared this fantastic nautical gallery wall in her son's room.  
Being that I am crazy for all things nautical (always have been),
 I just couldn't resist sharing this with you. 

Tell me that isn't just the sweetest gallery wall ever?
I love the colors, I love the textures and of course, those
adorable photos!

Most of the items used here did not originally look
like this.  Katie has a talent for reinventing things to fit her own style and
tastes.   Got to love a girl who can take something
and make it her own!

Go on over & take a look at something to be found,

and after that,

go on over & take a look at the other Newbie Spotlights of the Week at:

Katie, congratulations to you!   Here is a button for you to display.

Happy Wednesday!  We're halfway to another weekend!


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  1. Ohhh lovely! Looks like it belongs in a magazine!

  2. She did a fantastic job arranging those elements! I'm off to look at the other newbies!
    Blessings, Lorraine

  3. Thanks, Gina, for highlighting her. She did a nice job~ I will head over there! xo Diana

  4. A great pic, Gina, most definately! What a fun whimsical wall she has created!

  5. Awesome spotlight! I need a wall like this!

  6. This is a really cute wall collage! Love the nautical theme and all the details that were put into it. Definitely worthy of the spotlight!

  7. Oh that is just awesome! I am heading over myself, as I missed this one. Thanks for sharing Gina!

  8. Gina, thank you for sharing this! It's magazine ready! It's soooo cute! I'll head on over there now! Thanks for sharing!

  9. What a precious gallery wall! And oh so pretty, too! :)

    Thanks for sharing it!

  10. Gina - I'm dying!!! Such a big deal to be featured on your blog! I tried to play it cool and forward my husband the link with a non-chalant "check this out." But I was sooo giddy that I picked up the phone 2 seconds later and called him so I could squeal :)

    Thank you thank you for choosing my project. Not sure that Baby N appreciates it yet so it's nice to know that someone does :)

  11. I agree! It's adorable ~ perfect for a little boy.


  12. These newbies sure are talented! That gallery wall is amazing!

  13. yes.. that is a great wall!!!!! I will have to go check her out. thanks gina.

  14. Love the gallery wall. She did an amazing job. Can't wait to go over and meet her. Thanks for sharing.

    Much Love,

  15. How cute is that for a little boy's room!!!

  16. I love that wall gallery, so well done! I always love nautical stuff, and this looks so cute for a little boy's room especially!

  17. What a gorgeous display for a child's wall and I love how his picture is incorporated in so cleverly. I love the color too. Definitely magazine worthy!

  18. Cute feature. Lots of talented bloggers out there. I hope you come and visit and leave me a comment.


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