Thursday, June 7, 2012

Family Wedding Cakes through the Years

Today, I am joining Stephanie at Angelic Accents for her
To Have and To Hold Wedding Party.

Last year, I shared my magical wedding gown for Stephanie's party.

This year, I've moved on to wedding cakes.  
I thought it would be fun to share some of the wedding cakes
of my family members.

This is my parent's wedding cake, 1955.

My mom said is was very hot and humid that day
and the cake was practically melting.

This next picture I just had to include, also from my parent's wedding album. 
Heaven forbid you have an Italian wedding without a cookie tray....

....and I mean a cookie tray that requires two people to carry!  lol

My oldest sister got married in 1980. 
She had a waterfall cake and instead of the traditional bride & groom,
she had Annalee wedding mice atop the cake.

My second oldest sister got married in 1983 .  Her cake had a bridge. 

When my sister brought her wedding album over to me,
she remarked about how ugly everything was,
especially the paneling & air vent over their heads
in this picture!  lol  

What's even funnier is that when I opened my
oldest sister's wedding album and found the picture of her wedding cake,
I found the same paneling & air vent! lol
(It's true, go back up & look.)  

I don't have a picture of my brother's wedding cake from 1987.  
My sister-in-law is so non-sentimental, I was afraid to call
and ask for a photo of her wedding cake
for fear she'd say she's thrown away the wedding album years ago! 
Yeah, I am serious.    

My wedding cake, 1992, was a strawberry cheescake. 

In 1992, I was not a fan of cheesecake, but it was the only request
my husband made, so how could I refuse him?
When he fed me that cake, I made the most horrible face
and I do believe I said, "I hate cheesecake" on the video. 
I am proud to say, I now love cheesecake!

As a side note...believe it or not, the picture of my wedding cake was
taken in the same location as my two sisters' wedding cakes.
Thank goodness the reception hall remodeled by then!  lol 

My niece is getting married in October 2012.  
Her cake will most likely look something like this:

Wedding cakes sure have come a long way since 1955,
 haven't they?

If you enjoyed this post today
 and would like to see more posts of wedded bliss,
head on over to Stephanie's blog, Angelic Accents
 This party really is alot of fun to participate in.

Thanks for joining me today!


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  1. Cute post. I remember when I was little going to all my older cousins weddings during the 80s...I love those cakes. Especially the bridge.

  2. Fun post! Cakes have definitely changed over the years. You're so fortunate to have pics of your parents' wedding. My parents have ZERO wedding pics... but 52 years of memory-making!

  3. Such a great post, Gina! How awesome that you all got married at the same place and have the "ugly vent" to prove it!! :0) ALL the cakes are beautiful. Of course I'm partial to your mom's AND to yours! My gosh, she married in '55, yet her topper and ours looks almost EXACTLY the same as mine in '74! I chose an all white very traditional cake. Hers looks huge! So does your cheesecake one! Now I'm hungry.......

    Always so fun to see what you will share!! Thanks for joining!!

    Big TX Hugs,

  4. Gina,that was so fun to look at and so funny about the paneling and air vents!! Your cake was gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Totally enjoyed "meeting you" and reading your post. Great cakes - all of them and wonderful brides & grooms! Love the air vent and paneling (not really, for I remember that stuff all too well! It was great, back then!) The redo for the wall is great - those kinds of things tell don't they?

    Enjoyed my visit! Thanks!

  6. So nice to meet you. I love this post and the pictures of your wedding cakes. Such a fun post.
    I too am going to join the wedding party if I ever get it finished.
    Looking forward to being your newest follower and friend.

  7. GINA THAT WAS FUN!! You are just a baby if you married in 1992.
    I was married in 1966.

  8. Gina- I absolutely LOVE this post you did! What fun to look at all the wedding cakes and how they have changed through the years...and funnier still that they all took place in the same reception hall. Gotta love that paneling! Ain't never gonna be 1980's again, baby.
    How sad about your sil. I am guessing she does NOT read your blog?! Everyone has someone like that in the me- xo Diana

  9. Hi Gina! I love this post! I just came over from Stephanie's wedding blog party. How funny that those cake photos were pretty much in the same location (and yes, I did go back up to check and see). Like your sisters, I also got married in the 80s. My cake had a fountain in it. Your sisters will probably remember that fad. Thanks for sharing these photos ... and OMG that cookie tray!!

  10. Gina, this is so darn fun! I love your parents wedding cake. That was a super duper cake. The paneling and vent is too funny. Now as for your cake, YUM! I love cheesecake. I have never seen a cheesecake wedding cake. Hubby was very creative. My wedding was in our garden. Gee, I need to pull out my pics and look at my cake. Can't even remember exactly what it looked like. I think we had love doves on top.

  11. This was such a fun post. I would have loved your cake. I remember the bridges and staircases in the 1980's. xo

  12. Gina, this post was so fun!!! In the first pic, I spied a part of a cookie cake in the left corner, and thought, "could it be??"....and then it was!!! How funny!!! I have contributed to many a cookie cake for weddings!!! Love the paneling and the vents too......

  13. I really enjoyed this post. Those wedding cakes were soo pretty. I cant get over that huge cookie tray!!!!!!

  14. What a cute idea! I am probably the only person ever not to have a wedding cake! I did not have a reception, nor a honeymoon! My husband and I decided to get married, during spring break and he had to be back at school the next day. We got married right after church on a Sunday and really just rushed back to Atlanta, where he was in school. I guess it did not matter - the marriage has lasted for 44 years so far. P. S. Weren't those 80s weddings something? I remember those hats!

  15. Hi Gina,

    I enjoyed seeing all the different wedding cakes. Italians do love their cookies :)


  16. Cake styles and themes may change through the years but teirs for a wedding cake is a classic and I think that will never change :-) Love the pics. At first I thought your two sister were one and the same...They look so much alike. Awesome post my friend. Wishing you a wonderful weekend....School is almost out, Yay,

    Much love,

  17. So neat to see how the cakes have changed over the years! Your mom and dad's was very impressive!!! And I love your cheesecake wedding cake, very unique idea! Thanks for sharing! :)

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  19. Hi Gina, what a delicious post, how the cakes changes with the past of the years!
    Love yours!

    Big Hugs

  20. Gina, this was so much fun seeing your family and their wedding cakes. Each cake was pretty and the weddings looked like wonderful fun. I am very impressed with the size of your mom and dad's cake. There must have been lots of guests. Your cake looked delicious but I love cheesecake anyway. Your photos are a special record of your beautiful family.-------- Shannon

  21. Hi Gina,
    What a neat idea to write about wedding cakes. I love your parents's picture. What a giant cake! Also love the cookie tray. I didn't know that is what they did at Italian weddings. Isn't there enough sugar with the cake? You brought back memories of the waterfall cakes. Now they put icing on styrofoam. That was sweet of you to let your husband pick what kind of cake he liked. I would have gone for that! We had our wedding in some hall that probably had the same paneling - haha! Fun post!

  22. Hi, I am coming over from "Two Birdies and A Bee". I noticed your comment about your hydrangeas. Then when I got here, I just had to check out the wedding cakes. Those were some collosial cakes. I was married in '54 and I thought my cake was huge. That was a fun
    tour of the cakes.
    Back to the hydrangeas. Most hydrangeas bloom on old growth. After the leaves come out a shoot will emerge from last years growth with the blossom. The new endless summer and the limelight variety can be cut back anytime and will continue to bloom. With the Nikko variety, don't cut back too severely.
    I hope that helps.
    I absolutely love the name of your blog. I am a new follower. ginger

  23. I'm so glad you have now joined the cheesecake lovers of the world. Loved you mom's cake and that cookie tray would make the Cookie Monster insane! It was so fun to look back at how things have changed. I just have to say I'm so glad to see another paneled wall has been bit the dust!

    Super fun post!

  24. I really enjoyed this! I wanted to participate in that party and even planned a sort of cake post. Yours was so much better.

    I love cheesecake so I'm all about that. ALLLLLL about it.

    I remember those other styles, too, especially the bridge one.

  25. what a fun post!! your p[parents!!

  26. This is such a fun post, Gina. I remember that my cake had lemon filling....not my choice but my mom's. Trip's groom's cake was a croquembouche cake, and I was so afraid that the spun sugar would not turn out right due to the humidity in Tuscaloosa!

  27. Gina,
    Wonderful photos. Loved seeing them.

  28. Hi Gina. it's so much fun looking at your photos. Cakes have really changed over the years. Your parents cake was huge! and that cookie! I got married at City Hall, no cake and no photos lol. We've been married for thirty years so I guess we did okay.

  29. So great to see how wedding cake styles have changed over the years. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog.

  30. Wow Gina, your parents cake was something else! That's so funny about the brown paneling...guess it was an 80's thing:) I don't care for cheesecake either, I think I would've grimaced too!

  31. It's interesting how wedding cakes change over the years! As well as wedding fashion... like your sisters, I was married in the 80's and wore a hat, too! That's so 80's!

  32. What fun 80's flashbacks! With the hats and the covered sleeves. Now it seems like everyone is strapless!

    And the cake with the bridge? Wow!



    (And thank you for your very kind comment on my house tour over at Debbie Doo's!) ...

  33. Hey Gina, what a lovely post and sweet in all ways. I love how you chose the cheesecake because your husband liked it!
    Hope your summer is grand!
    Blessings, Audrey

  34. How neat that you have all those pictures of the wedding cakes. I love them all. I do love cheesecake too.

  35. I love wedding cake everything. Acutal wedding cake and wedding cake icecream, smoothies, cookies-. All the cakes looks fabulous and yummy!!!! Come see mine I just posted today.

  36. Those pictures were so fun to look at. I love seeing how the wedding cake evolved through the years. Very sweet.

  37. Gina, I promise not to comment on every post..but this one was so fun. It made me smile :)


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