Monday, January 8, 2018

Winter Mantel & Living Room 2018

Good morning all!

This has been one heck of a Winter, hasn't it?  
When I checked my phone yesterday at 8am,
we were looking at a temperature of -12 degrees.
Factor in the wind chill & it felt like -23 degrees. 


We've been using our fireplace more than ever.
It just makes you feel so cozy to have a fire going,

especially at night while relaxing & watching TV.

I went with gray & white for my Winter decor.
Such a change after the bright colors of Christmas!

Everything here is stuff you've already seen before...
except for the wreath, that's new.
I found it after Christmas at Pier 1 and
thought it was perfect for Winter.

My ladder from Decor Steals.
I love it.

A little Winter for the coffee table.

 Maybe I should rethink
my chalkboard sentiment.
I think it started snowing the second I put it up!

Have a wonderful week, my friends!


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  1. I love it, Gina. Your mantel is darling. I see you found some snow chicks from Target, too. Aren't they darling?

    We have been super cold here, too. Keep your sign up -maybe the rest of the snow will stop there. lol

    Have a great week.

  2. So cute Gina! Love the wreath and the little birds. I got a mini version of a couple of those. Your coffee table vignette is too cute and the llet it snow picture is adorable. We’ve gotten a total of 62” of snow already and it’s only early January!

  3. I love your coffee table decor.. Stay warm dear..

  4. Love it.
    I have some of the birds too. In
    fact quite a collection of them.
    We have had about 2" of snow but
    it has been C. O. L. D!!!

    Stay warm.

    M : )

  5. Gina, your fireplace looks so cute! Love the new wreath and the added birdies. Funny about your sign and then it started to snow. Do enjoy your cozy fire and stay warm.

  6. It has been cold. I love your wintry decor! Your fireplace always looks cute, Gina. Wow that's some cold temperatures! Our windchill was below zero this morning which is crazy cold for Alabama.

  7. I adore your Winter decor! Wish I could send you some of our 75 degree weather!

    Warm hugs,


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