Monday, January 6, 2014

Winter Mantel 2014

Decorating the mantel for Winter can be challenging.
It's hard to keep it winter-y, without looking Christmas-y.

You see?


I made a yarn ball wreath back in 2011,
and decided it was time to resurrect that wreath for 2014.

I spent a lot of time, as I always do when I decorate the mantel,
running up & down the stairs, pulling out this, pulling out that,
adding this, removing that, switching, changing, sitting &
staring... my usual mantel dance.

The wreath dictated the colors I would use:
white, cream & blue.
I added silver to this trio of colors,
 lots of candles & mercury glass, too.

Winter-y, without looking Christmas-y.
I'm pretty sure I achieved my goal.

I am yet to light all the candles at night.
I bet it will give the living room a warm glow,
which is exactly what we need for this very cold Winter.

Thank you for your visit today!


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  1. I love the wreath and candles in various holders!

  2. Your mantel is gorgeous, Gina! I love the wintery touches...the yarn balls are perfect! Hope your 2014 is off to a great start!

  3. I love it's perfect for the winter months!! I usually only change my mantel up during the Fall and Christmas season...but after taking the Christmas decorations down I gave my mantel a whole new look.

  4. Your mantel looks prefect for winter. LOL, I had to laugh when you said you sit and stare at your arrangements. I do that also, often for wayyyyyy too long and it drives my family crazy!

  5. Looks super!
    The mercury glass gives
    it a pop.

    It's a hot chocolate kind of
    day here. No school because
    of the wind chill,so I am off
    schoolfor one more day!

    M : )

  6. Your winter mantle looks beautiful. You always do the best mantle decorations, Gina. I love it-and that wreath is perfect for the winter season that is left- xo Diana

  7. It was well worth your time, Gina. It looks beautiful. xo Laura

  8. Gina, I love the yarn ball wreath! What a fabulous idea!Your mantel looks lovey with the Mercury glass candle holders! I love the pops of silver!

  9. It's so pretty! Wintery, but not Christmas-y : ) I love the yarn balls and the mercury glass! Looks simply perfect for the season! It's a nice fresh look now that the holidays are over. I really love it! ♥

  10. Thanks for the inspiration,,,I have not moved onto my "unfinished mantel" yet. Nothing has really struck me yet for creativity and you are right, don't want it to look Christmasy. I think I do the same "dance" as you do when I arrange things around the house!! Atleast I get my exercise running around looking for this and that! Great cozy mantel and yes, be sure to light those candels!

  11. This is so pretty, Gina, and exactly what I'm looking for when I get the Christmas stuff down! lol! I usually do something neutral and very simple in January and then today I read a blog where she said she wanted some bursts of color during the dreary winter, and I thought, wow, she's right! It may only be one color as you did, but something! Great job!


  12. I really love it! You have used the colors that I have in my den in there. We started using more Christmas things with those colors this year, and now you have given me more inspiration.

    I am crazy about the yarn balls.

  13. Beautiful winter mantel Gina! I love the wreath!!

  14. Beautiful winter mantel Gina! I love the wreath!!

  15. I love it Gina! It does look like winter on your mantel. I sure hope your using your fireplace tonight. I adore your yarn ball wreath. Stay warm xo

  16. Yes Gina you sure achieved your goal....Love the yarn ball wreaths of blue and white. That would really fit into my color scheme in my living room, too! have a great week! Stay warm.

  17. Your winter mantle is beautiful!
    The perfect mix of cool and warm.
    I am so happy you are posting and sharing once again!
    Happy January, Gina!

  18. LOVe the slate blue and white wreath…plus your variety of candles and holders. You need to make a little blurb book of your mantels. :D

  19. What you are is a very smart Mamma! No need for the Gym after the Hollidays if you can go up and down the stairs thinking on the after-Hollidays perfect Mantel.
    Goal Achieved ;) Gina! It looks gorgeous. I love the tones but you already know I could live in a blue world. I guess I'm Avatarish ahahahah

    Happy New Year to you, your Lovely Family and your lovely Home!

  20. Yup Gina, you accomplished it. Looks great! I think my mantle this year does look a little Christmasy. I liked last years better, but wanted something different. Oh well, I'll be changing it to Valentines in a week or so. Btw, I think I know that dance. lol!

  21. Gina, how pretty!!!! The colors are just perfect. Love, love your mantle!

  22. Your winter mantel is lovely. I bet it will sparkle with all the candles lit.

  23. Glad you resurrected that wreath because it's perfect for winter. Hope you are keeping warm!

  24. Your mantle is perfect - you hit the nail on the head; winter-y but not Christmasey. Well done, love it.


  25. I know what you mean about the daunting task of creating a winter mantel. You did a wonderful job. Looks perfect for this cold winter we're having.
    Mary Alice

  26. Oh Gina, you've created the perfect wintry mantle! I love the snowman pillow sitting beside the fireplace, too.
    Your hot cocoa bar is such a cute idea and I'm sure your family loves it. xo

  27. Your mantel looks great! Perfectly wintery! I love that wreath, very clever! You are right, winter will be around for a long time. Next month the Southerners will be doing Spring and we will still be in the depths of COLD!

  28. Gina, you accomplished your goal!
    It looks perfectly Wintry, and not one bit like Christmas.

    As always, you do a beautiful job.

    Smiles :)


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