Thursday, January 2, 2014

Snow Time for Hot Cocoa (Hot Cocoa Bar)

Well, no surprise that we are getting hitting
with a big snowstorm here in New York.
Good thing I finished this display
on my dining room hutch...just in time! 
With temps going into negative double digits tonight,
hot cocoa is going to be a welcome friend. 

After all the Christmas décor came down, I wasn't sure what
I wanted to do with my dining room hutch.
The only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to
keep a Winter theme since Winter
is not going away any time soon,
(around here anyway).

I had remembered this printable shared by Melaine
of My Sweet Savannah
and it all just fell into place from there.
 Cocoa, marshmallows,
peppermint sticks, cinnamon & nutmeg...
all ready to go.
I even made little tags to hang from each mug.

As you know, one thing leads to another, so it
was natural that the dining room chalkboard
share this sentiment:
Have a super weekend!
(Downton Abbey begins Sunday!!!)

If you're getting hit with snow,
stay warm & have a steaming mug of hot cocoa.


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  1. Love it! Even the turquoise straws!

  2. So cute Gina. I remember singing that song It's a marshmallow 5th grade, I love that song. Stay safe and warm.......

  3. I love what you came up with! I have taken down my decorations only to be left with alot of empty space and no inspiration at the moment!! I think I will steal your "Its a marshmellow world..." for my entry way chalkboard. THanks :) Take care in the snow....

  4. I set up a coffee/cocoa area and I was so pleased to see people including guests help themselves. I need to figure out a permanent spot.

  5. Love the turquoise! What an inviting hot Cocoa bar! Stay warm! Happy New Year!

  6. Awwww...I wanna come to your house to play. That cocoa bar looks amazing...and fun. You can have cocoa and I'll bring my own coffee! xo Diana

  7. I love it! Everything is available and it looks so cute. I'd love to join you!

    I don't know how you deal with all the snow. The ice storm we had recently was awful! Normally, it's gone the next day...2nd day at the latest. This one lasted a full week and still saw ice in areas 9 days later. At least one can drive in snow...unless it's several feet I guess. :) Went to Buffalo once in January '78 ~ right after a huge blizzard. My ex's sister was having a huge anniversary party. I thought it was ridiculous to go there & over into Canada at that time of year but we did...and barely got out before another storm hit.

    Well, I'm rambling so will stop. Take good care & stay warm. Happy New Year!


  8. Love this, Gina. I will be drinking cocoa and watching Downton Abbey on Sunday :)

  9. Very cute!
    We have had a small amount compared to you guys!
    Stay warm.

    M :)

  10. I really like your cocoa bar -- so cute! The addition of the turquoise is so fun!

  11. That is so very cute!!! I know, can't wait for Sunday night!!!

  12. That is so very cute!!! I know, can't wait for Sunday night!!!

  13. That is so very cute!!! I know, can't wait for Sunday night!!!

  14. love . . . love . . . love your cocoa station.

    It is not winter in my area, but hot cocoa still sounds pretty good.

  15. I love it Gina! I left my cocoa bar on the hoosier down stairs for Winter too. Love the chalkboard and printable. Of course the touches of aqua are my favorite! Brrrr stay warm! We have snow, but not such cold temps.

  16. Looks fab. On my way over now. It is really cold here too Gina. Happy New Year!

  17. Cannot believe I just saw this. It is so adorable and I love the touches of blue. I love hot chocolate and I will be drinking lots of it this week. Way down here in Georgia, it is supposed to be NINE degrees Tuesday morning - yikes!!! We are not used to that. Stay warm, my young friend and happy, happy new year!

  18. I love your hot cocoa bar!! Perfect for this cold blast we're having.
    Mary Alice

  19. This is so flipping cute, Gina! The arctic air is headed for Central Alabama, and we'll have wind chills below zero here tomorrow! YKES! We aren't used to this kind of weather, so I need your Hot Cocoa bar here in Alabama! ;P

    Happy New Year!

  20. Maybe I'll try something like this. I'm always looking for buffet ideas. You make it look so easy. Yes, love that Downton Abbey!


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