Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Tour...The Sitting Room

I'm back with my Christmas tour and as promised,
I'm going to share my sitting room with you today.

 This is one of my most favorite rooms;
it's connected to the dining room.
As a result, I kept the same color scheme
with neutrals in white, cream, silver & gold.
In this room though, there is a touch of blue.
(Warning:  I may have taken a few too many photos.)
I bought this tree last year after Christmas and I forgot all about it.
My husband was pulling the decorations from the attic and
called me to say he found a tree in the attic still in the box.
I had no clue what it was!  lol
He actually had to send a picture of it to me while I was at work!
Close up of some ornaments on the tree.
 Some sparkle atop my blue dresser.
 My seasonal pillows.
And yes, the girl who can't sew (that being me), made that poinsettia pillow!
I would have had a tutorial to share, but who am I fooling...I didn't take
any pictures during the process.
I never thought in a million years it would turn out like that!  lol

This shelf hangs opposite the wall with the blue dresser.
You may remember this shelf from last year.
The display is pretty much the same.
And there you have it, my holiday sitting room!
I'm hoping to continue the Christmas tour soon.
(If I could only get some decent photos in this drab weather.) 
The rest of the décor in the house features lots of red.
I hope you'll join me!

Welcome! I'm Gina. Like the header says, this blog is all about home, food and life..


  1. Everything looks so pretty and it's not too many pictures. :) Love your pillows!

  2. Such a beautiful room and your tree is gorgeous. I love the soft neutral colors, stunning. Hugs,Marty

  3. Gina, this is beautiful and what a fantastic job you did making that Poinsettia pillow - wow! Love your colors - it is such a pretty room!

  4. Not too many pictures at all, Gina. I just LOVE that room. It is so pretty and just feels serene. Great job and I love the soft blue in there- xo Diana

  5. Gina I love your poinsettia pillow. The tree is so cute in the barrel.

  6. Gina, your sitting room is absolutely festive and gorgeous!

    You know that shelf you have your white ironstone on? I think you could tuck Christmas cards on the frame around it, couldn't you? Of course they won't be white and match - but does make the shelf even more valuable having dual purposing.

    Love your room, trying to catch up on past posts from everyone, have been sick and am waaaaay behind.


  7. Bring that barrel and those pillows right over to my house would you?

  8. Gina, I love your sitting room and your tree is beautiful and I love your decorations. Thank you for inviting us in. xoGinger

  9. Looks gorgeous! You style is so classic and impeccable. And that cable knit sweater pillow is to die for! I want!

  10. Gina this is a favorite room of mine too!! It looks so pretty all dressed for Christmas!

  11. Oh my Gina, what a gorgeous job you've done! I am in love with your glittery cherub playing the trumpet:) Great job on the pillow too!

  12. Looks like a cozy place to kick up your feet, and hum along to Christmas carols.

    I adore the table top tree!

  13. Love it!! Your place is so cozy and just the right amount of stuff!! Love the pillows!

  14. LOVE the tree and the seasonal throw pillows. Your home is so precious!

  15. Well, I am caught up on your tour.

    Everything looks lovely.

    M :)

  16. Loving your holiday decor. Your have just the right mix of rustic and elegance. Beautiful!

  17. Your home is so lovely there isn't a room or a detail that don't confirm the lovely atmosphere you've created in and for it.
    So many lovely pieces that makes hard to say "WOW Gina look at that..." because it all fits, seems to belong as a all.
    Thank you for sharing,

    PS - I've been quite away so I'm catching several posts today but I promiss not leave my usual long comments on each ahahah

  18. Gina, this room is magical. I could spend hours sitting there soaking all the beauty in. Stellar decorating job, love the tree, the angel blowing the horn, everything. xo

  19. Gina, what a nice surprise to find this tree! It looks fabulous! I love your pillows and am so impressed by your Poinsettia pillow! Your colors are so peaceful! I love your sitting room!


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