Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Tour Continues...the Kitchen

The Christmas tour has now moved into the kitchen.

Please come in...welcome to the kitchen. 

I don't do a lot of decorating in here,
but more this year than I have in years past.
My little baking themed tree.
So cute!
Every year, I add just a few Christmas touches to my
cabinets with the glass doors.
Why just a few?
I don't know.
This year though,
I took everything out and went full-on Christmas!
 Best thing I ever did!
I love seeing it filled with Christmas goodies.
I had such a hard time taking a picture
because of the glare from the glass doors.
I finally figured out to just open the darn doors
& take the picture!
I'm telling you, my head is not on straight this year.  lol 

I love this large cookie platter
and the snowman baker, too.

Thank you for taking the tour of my kitchen.
If I can get some decent photos, I'll
return with a mix of other vignettes throughout the house.
Keeping my fingers crossed on that though. 
It seems I leave for work in the dark, and
come home from work in the dark...not
exactly conducive for picture taking.

See you soon!


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  1. I love your kitchen Gina! And the cupboard looks awesome in all it's red Christmasy loveliness! I am trying to get some good photos as well... stay tuned I guess!

  2. Cute, cute, cute!
    It is decorated so darling, and ready for Santa :)

  3. Hi Gina! I love your Christmas kitchen! I looks like it was built to show the red! Love all of your little touches! Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Very sweet, Gina. I love that rolling pin. xo

  5. Your kitchen is great. Love all the red and white. That runner on the island is adorable!

  6. I always love seeing your charming kitchen!!! Love that rolling pin, awesome!!!

  7. Loving your Dressed For Christmas kitchen, Gina. That cabinet looks really great all decked out! Love your little tree, too- xo Diana

  8. It's all so pretty, Gina. I love the Christmas cupboards too. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  9. I love how you decorated your glass doored cabinets with a Christmas theme…it looks perfect.

  10. Your kitchen looks adorable Gina! I love all your red dishes and your fun Christmas tree.

  11. I love how you just went ahead and put the dishes in...the look so Chrismasy! I've always loved your kitchen Gina.

  12. I love it all! The tree is adorable and the dishes are so festive.


  13. Your kitchen is darling Gina...I especially love your island. Wishing you and your family a beautiful and blessed Christmas!

  14. Gina girl, I love it! I did my basement in a candy theme. It's so fun isn't it? I love your little tree and your glass cupboards are fabulous filled to the brim! One thing I spied and loved is your snowflake runner! Did you make it? I think I need to make one for the Winter months. I do a little Winter theme after Christmas. I am going to visit the rest of your tour. Cute, cute! If you get a chance I would love if you linked this to SYC. Understand if you're too busy. Have a very wonderful holiday!

  15. Gina, your kitchen looks so beautiful! The red looks gorgeous! Love, love your runner. Have a very Merry Christmas! Hugs, Maria

  16. So pretty Gina. Love the cabinets! A happy kitchen. Hopefully you can get more pics. I always love your vignettes.

  17. The dishes look pretty against
    the white backdrop.
    The snowflake runner is adorable!

    M : )

  18. How pretty, Gina! I want to add more to my kitchen next year. We just got home and rushed to get our decor up tonight. I snapped a quick pic of the mantel and got a post up in record! Hope you can stop by! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family, my friend! God bless!

  19. That shelf filled with Christmas color is beautiful.

    Next year I might just do that with my entry way cabinet and leave the doors flung open.


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