Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Tour 2013...Living Room

The Christmas Tour continues....

On Monday, I shared my mantel.
Today, I would like to share my Christmas tree.

Oh I'm sure you've heard me complain before how
 I wish I could have a pretty themed tree
like I see so much of in blogland.
My kids are not willing to indulge me on this.
They want the tree decorated the same as always,
with the same ornaments they're used to seeing
year after year.  They take their traditions
very seriously around here!
These are a few of our hundreds of cute ornaments that
we've collected over the years.  I mean that literally.
It's often a struggle to find an
available branch to put them on! 
One day, when my kids have left the roost, 
I will get my themed tree.
But I have a feeling, I won't want it then.
I'm certain I'll want to hold on to every tradition 
we've shared once they're gone.
(I could cry just thinking about it.)

I wish I had thought to take a photo of the wall
opposite the mantel and also one of the entertainment center.
Where is my head??
I'll be back again soon to continue the tour.
I think the kitchen will be up next!


Welcome! I'm Gina. Like the header says, this blog is all about home, food and life..


  1. Your tree looks so pretty Gina...love the lit snowman topper...so cute!

  2. I love that your kids want their ornaments on the tree in keeping with tradition! What we may think are the smallest traditions become so important to our kids. That's the way it should be!!!!
    Mary Alice

  3. It took me several years after the kids left to "let go"...but I finally did and let the kids pick and choose ALL the old ornaments from their childhood. Now it is fun to see them on their trees. xo Diana

  4. So pretty Gina. My decorations don't change much, I cherish my memories and my traditions too, Sometimes I leave things sleeping til the next year, and then I really appreciate them when I take them out and put them up! Themes are nice but I like traditions better than being anal. Lol. xo

  5. I guess you could have more than one tree. :)

    I'm with your kids--traditon rocks.

    Your living room looks quite festive.

    M :)

  6. I like a traditional family tree, and kids love them!

  7. Oh Gina, I love your traditional tree.

    Our livingroom tree holds our history and so many memories.

    I parted with a few ornaments when "C" & "J" left home.

    I still have the very first ornaments from Mr D and my first Christmas tree forty years ago.

    I know your kids are growing fast...The best is yet to come!

  8. Beautiful tree, Gina! I have a lot of homemade ornaments that I have had for years and can't let go! I still love them and use them each year. However, I try to make new ones or get new ones or vintage ones to add each year to my collection.

  9. I love your adorable Christmas tree Gina. The snowman is the cutest!

  10. Your tree looks gorgeous Gina. Merry Christmas to you and your family. XO

  11. Hi Gina! Your tree is so pretty! I love the traditional, sentimental ornaments the best. That's where the memories are ♥ I'm the same way. There are some traditions that cannot be broken : ) And I LOVE your snowman tree topper! It's adorable! As always, your home looks beautiful and cozy!

    Let it snow! xo

  12. Beautiful tree and mantel.

    Is that a bay window I see?

  13. Your tree is beautiful and I love your mantel...every thing looks so merry and bright. xoxo

  14. I love your tree and beautiful home . I hope you have a wounderful christmas.

  15. Your Tree is Precious. So much more when everyone dips to add meaningful details.
    I see a theme - Happy and Joyful Christmas! ;)

  16. Your living room is beautiful! I love the white walls and fireplace and it makes all of the Christmas decor just pop! Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

  17. Your tree is just lovely, the snowman on top is just the cutest!
    Have a tree with history and memories is real beauty to me.

  18. Your tree is just lovely, the snowman on top is just the cutest!
    Have a tree with history and memories is real beauty to me.

  19. Lovin your tour! and the tree filled with the kids memories and traditions is wonderful! I have combined a bit of a theme and my kids favorite ornaments for a compromise!! I am slowly getting my pictures done, but it has also turned into my before and after time to post the house reno. 2 things at once!! By the way,,,lovin that sled by the mantel!!

  20. It feels like I've been away for ages! How fast time flys by. Just caught up with your Christmas Tour. It all looks so beautiful and festive. You have done a beautiful job my friend. Wishing you and your family the Merriest of Christmas' and a New Year filled with blessings. Sending you a great big warm hug.

    Much love,

  21. Your tree is so pretty. I adore all the cute ornaments.

  22. I had a tree like this for years Gina. I still have a few of the ornaments, but when the kids marry I let them take their ornaments with them. Old fashioned trees are still among my favorites. Memories are the best!


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