Friday, January 13, 2012

The Tale of the Tablecloth

Sometimes, things just don't work out how I planned them.

You see, we have a round end table in our living room that belonged
to my in-laws.

It has taken a beating over the years. However, since the table was from Ethan Allen, I just couldn't bring myself to paint it.  And truthfully, the table is sort of ugly anyway and paint might not have improved it that much.

Instead, I found a pretty burlap tablecloth on Etsy. Before Christmas, I decided to treat myself & order it. (I also sent my husband to the glass place to have a round glass made for the tabletop.)

It arrived late last week and upon opening the box, I got a little worried. It seemed alot bigger than I thought it would be. It was, in fact, a little too big. It was also, in fact, bulky with a capital B.

My husband scoffed at it  and asked, "You like that ugly burlap thing?" I, of course, declared my love for all things burlap.

I think the bulkiness of the cloth along with the fact that our two couches pretty much blocked the whole table anyway, made this tablecloth business seem foolish. (This is the corner where the table usually sits.)

With my husband's comment echoing in my head, along with the price tag of the cloth & glass top on my mind, I was determined not to panic.

I decided to move the table into the other room. It fit perfectly and I feel like it really belonged in here all along.

Don't you agree?

So, you see, despite my long drawn out story....Sometimes things don't work out how I planned. Sometimes, they surprise me & work out even better.

Happy weekend!

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  1. It sure does look pretty Gina. That is the story of my life. In fact if I plan it, forget about it, it will not work out LOL. That table I stenciled is an Ethan Allen too, that my MIL gave us, that is funny. I bet it would have looked good, just sanded and re stained too if you wanted.

  2. LOVE this...I WANT ONE!!!!!
    xo, Mariaelena

  3. What a neat tablecloth Gina. It does look so nice, I love how you decorated the top too!
    Also I glad you posted the tutorial on the snowflakes I've never made one like that, mine were always square too!
    Have a great day!

  4. I think it looks great there! Like it was custom made for the spot. xo Diana

  5. WOW Gina that looks fabulous! I LOVE that tablecloth and Congrats on the win over at Mariaelena's!

  6. Gina:

    I agree, I like the location of your table and tablecloth in the other room instead....Love the tablecloth! Who doesn't love burlap?

  7. Wow, that looks beautiful!! Love all the neutrals together and how you decorated the top....still am loving those lace curtains!!! Its all very pretty.....are you having snow today??? We are getting quite a bit and very windy....ah, winter.....

  8. Isn't great when things work out like that. I love the tablecloth and it is gorgeous in that corner. Good job even if it wasn't planned! hugs, Linda

  9. It looks so pretty Gina, I love that tablecloth. I put a tablecloth over my side table and am thinking of making a wardrobe of tablecloths for it. I get tired of things very quickly lol. I'm going to keep this style in mind for the next one. Men seldom get decorating, if it's not dark wood or leather they're lost lol.

  10. HaHa... tha would be me, walking around the house moving things all the time =)I love the new table linen. It DOES look perfectly at home in it's new spot. BONUS! Looks like you get to shop for a new one now. Double fun!

  11. Oh sweetie, I think it looks gorgeous! The perfect tablecloth on that table in that spot! Love it!

  12. I adore the tablecloth. It's absolutely gorgeous. I love having the glass on top as well. I think it looks just beautiful. That's the thing with have to be ready to change things on the fly. I love the new location.

  13. It looks beautiful there! I love that tablecloth!!

  14. Gina!
    OMGooogness! Your table with it's pretty vignette is fabulous!
    I hope the hubs retracted his original comment! LOL

    I have thrown my honey a few curve balls with design ideas as well.

    Thanks for stopping by!
    Have a great weekend!

  15. How very very pretty, Gina. And I love the lamp you added to the top of it, too! Such a pretty setting!

  16. Wow-that turned out great! Isn't it fun when things turn out like that...even if we sometimes take the "long way around"!

  17. Love it and it looks perfect. It looks especially nice with the lace curtains hanging close by.

    Congratulations on your win over at Mariaelena's!

  18. That is so adorable! It definitely looks like it belongs here. Love it when things work out better than I planned!

  19. I just absolutely love that tablecloth! Everything looks perfect!

  20. OH Gina, I love this tablecloth, Now if you very done want it you know where to send it...


  21. That table was meant for that corner. It looks perfect there. Lovin' the burlap tablecloth. Sending you a great big hug.

    Much love,

  22. Hi, Gina,
    I totall agree. First, I LOVE the tablecloth. And I love the way it looks on the table and in the room.
    That pic could be in a magazine.

  23. Gina, that looks fabulous! I love the tablecloth and you are so right about the table...I had a similar table which my mom called Roxton. Anyway, there was something about the finish on those tables that made me wonder too about sanding etc. Anyway, you solved that problem beautifully!! Really pretty vignette.

  24. Love this transformation. That tavle has e=really enhanced the room.
    Carolyn xx

  25. Gina,I love your new burlap tablecloth, no matter where you decided to put it! So pretty!

  26. That looks great, Gina! I love that tablecloth. I have the plain burlap tablecloths from Ballards on two decorator side tables in my living room. I love the color and texture they add to my black and white space.

  27. Hi Gina,

    Your new tablecloth is gorgeous!

    I love it!


  28. Wow!! That table cloth looks like it was made for that spot!! I LOVE the way it looks!! Beautiful!! I need a round table now!! lol

  29. It looks great Gina! Love it! I have had this happen to me SO many times....glad you didn't panick! lol Perfect Solution.

    Lou Cinda


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