Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Paper Snowflake Tutorial

When I posted my Winter mantel a few days ago, several of you requested a tutorial of how to make the paper snowflakes that I used in my banner.   I'm no tutorial expert, but I'll give it a try.

Do you remember making paper snowflakes that looked like this when you were a kid?  (From notebook paper no less!)

I remember seeing pretty snowflakes, ones that were round or star-shaped, but could never figure out how to make them.  Remember we didn't have the internet back then!

Just before Christmas, one of my students gave me a snowflake that looked like the one above.  Grateful though I was, it stirred up my old childhood wish to make pretty snowflakes.   

Needless to say, I finally learned how to make them (some 30 years later) and once I got started, I couldn't stop!

Ok, tutorial time, get ready for lots of pictures.  It's very dark here, so I apologize for the quality.

Step 1.  You need to start out with a square piece of paper.  I made all sizes, but this one is 8" x 8".

Step 2.  Fold this square into a triangle.

Step 3.  Fold the triangle over again into another smaller triangle.

Step 4.  Make sure the point of the triangle faces down, like so.

Things might get a little tricky for the next few steps, but hopefully the pictures will help you.

Step 5.  Take one side of the triangle and fold it over one-third of the way.

Step 6.  Take the other side of the triangle and fold it over again.

Step 7.  Turn the piece over to the back side and cut off the pointed ends.

Step 8.  Now take your shape and just start cutting rounded shapes, triangles, deep V's, whatever you like.  Just be careful not to cut away all the edges. 

This is what mine looked like when I was done cutting.

Step 9.  Gently open your shape and see your pretty snowflake creation!  This is the fun part because you never know what you're going to get.

You can make all different sizes and styles just by altering all the little cuts you make.  Like they say, no two snowflakes are alike. 

Have fun and see you soon!


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  1. Every winter I get the urge to make snowflakes too...and paper ones are what I usually do....but this winter..I finally got around to crocheting about a dozen white flakes..and I love them. My plan is to make a winter banner...

    I love playing with paper....thanks for sharing!
    your pattern is pretty! and you don't have to shovel it!

    ciao bella

    creative carmelina

  2. That is so pretty and your tutorial is great!

  3. Thanks for the tutorial! I had forgotten how to make them from when I taught First grade. I will have to try this with Jaclyn!

  4. Your snowflake looks great. I haven't made paper snowflakes since I was a kid. I definitely have to make some now. Thanks for the tutorial. ~Michelle

  5. How all they need is glitter! :D I love doing stuff like this....

  6. As a teacher, my favorite winter project has always been making snowflakes. I really didn't know the art of circular ones other than the way you cut. It always amazes me how everyone's turns out different.
    So pretty!

  7. Hi Gina,

    Very cute! My sister and I used to make them all the time. Once you start you can't wait to make another.


  8. Those are just so cute Gina! You gave a great tutorial!

  9. Great tutorial- I remember making those square My granddaughters will have a blast making these- xo Diana

  10. I'd say you are destined to be a tutorial queen. Well done and great pics. Thanks!

  11. Brings back fond memories! There is always the kid who cuts all the way through and ends up with pieces, LOL!

  12. I may just have to find some paper and some scissors!! Thanks for sharing! Love your rings and pretty nail polish too :)

  13. Hi lovely lady.
    That is a Beautiful white snow flake you had done.. you all ways have so great Ideas for us sweet lady.
    I would like to thank you so much for your sweet comments on my Tablescape. I hope you and your lovely family have a wonderful week.
    XXOO Diane

  14. Wow! how clever. Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  15. Oh wow, what a fantastic tutorial, Gina!!! And I know how hard they are to make!!! This is fantastic. I hope you're having a wonderful evening!

  16. Well look at that! I remember making them by the boat loads as a kid. I am thinking they would be really cute out of vintage sheet music??? Thanks!


  17. I need to go cut one right now, so I don't forget! You are a tutorial queen, that's perfect and easy to follow! Have a great weekend!

  18. Great job with the tutorial Gina...I love making snowflakes. They are so much fun to make. Again...I love your winter mantel. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Is this a three day weekend for you guys too?

    Much love,

  19. I am going to make some snowflakes for the Newtown kids this week. Thanks for the tips.
    I was just thinking about you last night and wondering how you were.
    Hope your holidays are going well.
    Snowed in here as well......just fine with me, hah.


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