Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas in my Kitchen

Blogland has been buzzing with all the wonderful parties going on. I've been trying to keep up with it all, joining in and also visiting everyone, but let me tell you, it's been hard! My son has been sick all week long, so that hasn't helped matters either, I guess.

I'm sharing Christmas in my kitchen today. I don't decorate a whole lot in the kitchen because my kitchen is kinda small and also because there's a whole lot of cooking & baking that goes on in here.

I added a small tree, my baker's tree, if you will.

There are cute ornaments on this tree, like this pastry stand of goodies.

My nephew bought me these glass snowmen bakers (set of 3) from Williams Sonoma last Christmas.

 What baker's tree would be complete without a red stand mixer?

I added a few Christmas pieces to my glass door cabinets, a gingerbread house & a couple of snowmen.  The red & white polka dotted trim that I added this summer, see here,  is still going strong!

This little gingerbread girl sits on the countertop.

On my kitchen table, I have this Santa Claus centerpiece that I've had for ages.  (I think it's starting to look that way too!)

I hope you have enjoyed Christmas in my kitchen.  Watch out though...flour will be flying around here real soon!

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  1. I am so crazy in love with your cabinets and shelf paper!!! I can see that flour flying all ready!!! hugs...cleo

  2. How cute! Love the mixer ornament just wish I were a cook ;)

  3. Your kitchen christmas tree is adorable....I made one for my mother with all vintage cookie cutters and hung them with red ribbon.

    Nice photos.

    Coastal Cottage Dreams

  4. I love your festive little baking tree!! How cute! Great touches to what sounds like the center of your home!! Lotsa love comin out of that kitchen I bet! Happy baking...

  5. The tree is just precious, those decorations are amazing!
    Your cabinets are gorgeous, the red trim is so lovely.

    Hope your little one is feeling better, no fun having sick kiddos.

  6. Oh G, it all looks so cute! Like, super cute! The tree is yummy. The ornies are sweet. You have some awesome ones. The mixer... AWE =) I don't think I ever saw the polka dot trim on your cabs? Well, I am going to copy that for mine!! They need something and that is a perfect idea. Going to look at that post now. Hugs, Shan

  7. Gina, your tree is so cute! Love the theme!

  8. Absolutely adorable. Love the tree the ornaments and that cabinet. I think I will have to move in.
    Happy Holidays.

  9. Hi Gina,

    You have adorable kitchen decorations. The tree is just the cutest I've seen.


  10. That red and white trim is perfect for this time of year as well as the summer! Great choice!1
    Gina, sending snow your way as of now!! We have got lots to spare!

  11. Hello Gina,
    That's a perfect tree for your kitchen! Such cute ornaments. I'm sorry your son has been sick. Hope he's much better by now! I found you through Dee's A Lapin Life, by the way. Am your newest follower! I hope you'll visit my blog - I have a giveaway going on!

  12. Gina, Love the tree in the kitchen and the cabinets too.. LOVE.. and your right there is NO doubt about it. I agree we would be close friends... email... get it ...

  13. Gina- I love your kitchen decorating. It is just enough for the kitchen...and I love that Santa centerpiece. He still looks pretty good to me~ xo Diana

  14. That tree is so stinkin cute. Love the mixer, so you Gina. Sorry your boy is sick, hope he is getting better. I know what you mean about this crazy week out here, it has been very difficult to keep up. We need a party break LOL!

  15. Your kitchen looks adorable!!! I love everything.
    I am still kicking myself for not buying a red kitchen aid ornanment last year.. that thing was $16.00 in NYC, I couldnt bring myself to spend it. lol.

    Have a great sunday

  16. Love it, Gina! Your little trees ornaments are perfect! I did that type of theme for my little kitchen one, too. I especially love the tiered stand. Great idea puttng the gingerbread girl in a jar with snow and a little tree. Love that idea. Your cabinet looks great ~ I love the way you have everything set up so that you can see it clearly.

  17. Gina I love kitchen trees! You have some really cute ornaments on there. My kitchen is tiny so I only decorate the breakfast nook. Guess I should get that post up! hugs, Linda

  18. Dear Mrs Claus,
    I love your kitchen!
    I can smell the gingerbread from
    Washington State!

  19. Cute Kitchen, I love the shelf edging.

  20. Oh my goodness.... I am LOVING this tree!!!

  21. Oh Gina - I just love the baker's Christmas tree! I want that stand mixer ornament and I would love to know where you got such a groovy rolling pin. Hope your son feels all better. Sounds like you've got some baking plans- have lots of fun and don't forget to taste-test along the way ;)

  22. Wow! I love it all! The kitchen cabinets are adorable! I did not put up my gingerbread themed tree this year. This makes me wish I had. It seems they just keep coming out with more and more cute ornaments. The mixer ornament is the best I've seen!

  23. Who has the cutest kitchen ever....You, I love the polka dot shelf liner (Hum wonder why) and the red mixer ornament!! Gina it looks fabulous!!


  24. How cute! Love your little Baker's tree. My kitchen is small too, but since it is open to the living room I always like to add a little Christmas cheer here and there. Your kitchen looks great.

    Mucho love,

  25. Your kitchen is adorable!! Love the trim added to the front of the shelves. Great finishing touch. Wish you had linked this to Wow.

  26. Oh my gosh I was looking at your kitchen and I just bought some of the red polka dot trim at a nearby educational store but haven't put it up yet. I hope it looks as cute as yours does.


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