Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dreaming of Snow, Pinterest Style

I know there has got to be something wrong with me.

I'm dreaming of snow. Beautiful, fluffy, white snow.

Since we haven't received one single snowflake here as of yet, I decided to get my fill via Pinterest.

Source: via Sharon on Pinterest

*Sigh* Snow can be so perfectly dreamy.

(In April, when it's still snowing here and I start incessantly complaining about the neverending snow, and you show me pictures of your beautiful Spring blooms, feel free to go right ahead and remind me of this post, ok?)


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  1. Oh yes Miss Utica...I will certainly remind you of the beauty in April:) Those are gorgeous pictures though.

  2. Okay....those photos *almost* make me ready for the snow. I suspect I will be ready the day after Thanksgiving, so I will join you then :)

    By the way? Freaking Pinterest? I'm on their WAITING LIST. Gah. I feel like SUCH a LOSER!!!!

  3. ha HA! Up State New York? Isn't the the birthplace of snow?
    I did detect a little "indoor snow" in your pretty post!

  4. Gina- Seriously, I will send you ALL my snow...just say the word and it will be on its way! xo Diana

  5. Hmmm...snow. I used to think I wanted to live someplace where it snowed in for Christmas instead of the warm sunny holidays I grew up with. Well, I live in that place now and I have to say I like the snow for a couple weeks, maybe a month. Any longer and I want to run to the sun!! :) We had snow from November to late May last year! ugh.
    P.S. I love the pictures of your daughter as Madonna. I REALLY tried to get my son on the 80s music train and he jumped off with both feet about six months ago. I was heartbroken. LOL! You're lucky that your daughter agrees with you that 80s RULE!! :)

  6. Gorgeous pics! I ♥ Pinterest. Thanks for visiting me over at Pittypat Paperie. I hope you will drop by again real soon Ÿ

  7. Your snow dreaming looks amazing. I lie in Southern California so it really is just a dream. I think I'll save this post for when I need to see that beautiful white stuff.

  8. I'll giva ya a cyber slap. Mkay?
    he he. No, really, those are some great photos. Marshmallow snow? I could get into that ;)

  9. So beautiful, but I don't think I could live in it.

  10. You are in Utica??? We are almost neighbors!!! I love winter, why fight it??? I admit, the other day I also thought of snow and how clean it looks and fresh it smells......soon.....

  11. We lived in our local mountains for 20 years and had plenty of snow. I don't miss it, but now like that I can just visit it when I want to.

  12. Gina, I agree with you....there has got to be something wrong with you LOL!!! I got a chill just looking!


  13. Hi lovely lady.
    I love all your gorgeous photos of the snow... I also love the indoor snow so sweet great job.
    I would love to thank you for your sweet comments on my post.
    I also hope you have a great week.
    XXOO Diane

  14. Oh, if we could only get a little snow here too...In Sunny Cali? I don't think it will ever happen :-) But I can dream. Beautiful pictures.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  15. I certainly will,those are such stunning photo's, I havn't seen snow for a million years it seems,when I was a child in England.
    I have lived in Australia for such a long time without snow. I long for it, when our summer heat soars to 40+celcius.
    I am a new follower

  16. Wow! Those are fantastic photos! We rarely get snow but I've kind of been thinking about it too. Cooler temps maybe? Thanks for sharing!

  17. Those pictures are beautiful, but I can do without the real thing. I'm hopeful that big snowstorms will pass us by this year. You can have our share lol.

  18. These photos make me actually think that I like snow. Wait...I'm usually annoyed and miserable when it snows. I like snow for about a day and then I'm ready for spring. Hope to see you tonight at the party.

  19. LOL Great pictures! I had snow up until yesterday. I could have sent you mine. :-)


  20. Ha! Snow? No thanks §:-)

    OMG! Sweden will be drowning in snow. Thanks to God, we don't have it ATM. Last year, was already chaos mid-October.

    Great inspirations.

    Greetings from Stockholm,

  21. I love pinterest too! The last image was so fun, are those marshmallows? I am looking forward to some snow, just not as much as you get.


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