Saturday, October 29, 2011

When Your Mom Loves the 80s

When your Mom loves the 80s, she makes you listen to 80s music.

She regales you with stories of the fun she had in the 80s.

She astonishes you with her knowledge of 80s trivia, 80s movies, 80s history and of course, 80s fashion.

She has talked to you about everything from Cyndi Lauper to the collapse of the Berlin Wall, from the Miracle on Ice to BandAid.

You have heard it all.

Now if you are any normal teenager, you might just roll your eyes. You might want to scream when your Mom brings up random tidbits from this decade.

But then there are teenagers who, unbeknownst to their Mom, become taken in by the 80s,swept away if you will.

Teenagers who see something like this on Pinterest, and squeal with delight:

Source: via Gina on Pinterest

As that 80s loving mother, you are amazed when your teenager tells her friends that she would rather not see the new Footloose movie because, "Why would anyone think they could replace Kevin Bacon?"

As that 80s loving mother, you think, "Oh mercy, what have I done?"

I didn't see it coming. I'm surely not stuck in a time warp. I've changed with the times, I just have a fondness for the 80s, that's all.

When that teenager tells you she wants to dress up as Madonna for the Halloween dance at school, you have to embrace it, right? After all, are you not the one who instilled this love of all things 80s in her?

So tell me, how did I do?

Ok, I did give her Madonna's mole. It was a necessary detail. That earring in her left ear? Yeah, it's authentic...mine, circa 1985.

(Look at that smile....she just got her braces off last week.)

Now oddly enough, I didn't keep my rubber bracelets. Luckily, I was able to find some online, 48 of them to be exact!

I made her strike this pose ala Madonna from her Lucky Star video.

(On a side note: I had to laugh because she was worried about being inappropriate by wearing the rosary beads. I had to remind her that she is not Olivia, she is Madonna. LOL)

She tells me this was her most favorite costume ever. It's probably best I don't comment on that!

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  1. Fabulous!! What fun! When my son was a teenager, it was my favorite years! Of course my son was dressing like a hippie from the 70's....Now we had good music LOL Love those choppers (Teeth)


  2. Fun post today. Beautiful daughter!! Relax, at least she didn't pick a Madonna outfit from her "cone" era!!!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  3. Great post Gina... I loved the 80's I had the best time back then. I thought I was so COOL....

  4. Now your talking my language here Gina. OMG how cute, I love it. My kids have to listen to the tales too...they actually have grown to like Prince and ACDC LOL! FUN post girl!

  5. Gina, you are doing just fine....she is a real doll!! At our house it was the 60's and 70's, now that was real rock n roll!!! Happy Halloween....

  6. LOL- Gina-She looks great! I love it...glad she didn't want the pointy bra bustier!~ She looks like a sweet a Madonna- the REAL one! xo Diana

  7. Your daughter is beautiful and such a cute costume! My daughter, Jaime had an 80's party for her birthday last week (since she was born in the 80's). Your daughter would have fit right in!

  8. Great costume - I'm glad she loved it! Beautiful young lady, too. :-)

  9. I love it. How many of us emulated Madonna's look from Desperately Seeking Susan? ;P I know I did!!!

    My kids are forced to listen to First Wave on XM Radio!

    My influence has warped my oldest daughter: She has a copy of Dexys Midnight Runners' Too-Rye-Ay album in her room!!! ;P

  10. I loved the 80s too, Gina. I had crocheted socks, similar to your daughter's gloves. I still have them, so I guess they're now vintage! Gag me with a spoon!

    Your daughter looks totally authentic- what an awesome ensemble! That's a million dollar smile, btw!

  11. Awesome Sauce!!
    She rocked it. Good job momma =)
    That was the good Madonna era.
    Braces off? Score!!

    Austin hates his with a vengance. Hard to play his trombone :(
    PS- My son hardly likes any "now" music. He tells me he needs new stuff for the i and what should he look for to download. It is too funny.

  12. Love it!!! I wonder how many of her friends will know who she's supposed to be. The 80's was the most awesome decade ever. EVER!

  13. Oh, I remember those days, oh so well...Girls just wanna have fun...Hee, hee..hee. Your daughter's costume turned out awesome. She looks great.

    Much love,

  14. Seriously!!! She looks absolutely precious!! LOVE her costume!! Great smile!! :-) Happy Halloween!!!

  15. um, I think I would have left out the rosary. That was one thing I hated about Madonna and that was her disrespect for the holy.
    You daughter is beautiful! I loved the rest of her costume. Glad she looked like the "early" Madonna, when she was cute and trendy.

  16. She is lovely! I am glad she didn't pick Madonna's metal bra look!
    I with her on the Rosary beads. I couldn't do that, afraid lightening would strike me!

  17. Love her costume! I saw that last pose and immediately thought - Lucky Star! My niece was an 80s girl too. Not quite Madonna, but she had the fluorescent thing going and the lace glove.

  18. that's soooooo awesome!! i'd much rather see her as madonna than her copycat lady gaga. you did a great job on her costume, too. makes me laugh, because i listen to new kids on the block alot (blockheads for life!). my 3 year old will actually go around the house singing "the right stuff" and "hangin' tough"!


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