Friday, October 14, 2011

Touche' Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn...that mecca of home decor. We all love it. We are all inspired by it. We are all prone to copy their ideas, putting our own spin on them.

Would you agree?

Several weeks ago, I got to thinking about my Christmas mantel. Hmmm...what can I do this year? So being the dork organized person that I am, I started sketching ideas so I won't be the "deer caught in the headlights" clamoring to come up with an idea for the mantel at the last minute.

I had a cool idea...involving a tree branch & some letters. (I won't share my sketch with you for fear that Carmelina from Creative Carmelina read this post. She's an amazing artist.)

I even prepared my husband, asking if he thought we could hang a tree branch from the ceiling over the mantel. (His reaction? Priceless.)

Anyway, yesterday I received my Pottery Barn catalog in the mail. It's a happy mail day when their catalog arrives.

And there right on page 91 was 90% of my idea!!

How did this happen?
Was Pottery Barn looking at my sketches?
Were they in my head?
Snooping around in my house?
Pottery Barn copied me for once?????

This is an outrage I thought! How dare they!

For all the times I copied them, most recently here in the Spring, I guess it's time to say,

" Touche' Pottery Barn, you got me!"

(Disclaimer: This is meant to be a fun post. I am not that demented that I think Pottery Barn actually copied my ideas. All in good humor.)

Have a most wonderful weekend friends!

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  1. I got my latest PB catalog yesterday. It's like getting the Christmas catalog when you are a kid. I want to live inside the catalog. Just wish I could afford something, hah.
    I'd sue, hah.

  2. Ms. Gina this only means you are as clever and a design genious just like the people from PB :-) Great minds think alike you know. Wishing you a fantabulous weekend my sweet friend.

    Mucho love,

  3. Well I like your idea and Pottery Barn has been known to get inside our heads! I need to get them to send me a catalog again! hugs, Linda

  4. HAHAHA!! Happens to me all the time Gina! Yes you are right PB is a great inspiration to us all! I loved what you did last year, it was fantastic.

  5. Well, great minds think alike. You're a genius! You should work for PB!

  6. Gina, I was in PB last week and it's amazing all the things they carry that bloggers were making last year. I think they are copying us more than we are copying them. I like your Christmas decorating idea.

  7. Love your idea about the tree branch. The fact that it was in the PB catalog just proves what a great idea it was. I can't wait to see it! I'm already thinking about Christmas decorating, too!

  8. You're funny Gina! I would like to suggest a conspiracy theory!

    Are you going ahead with your original plan even though you've been scooped? I'd love to see it!

  9. Gina, PB owes you big time...where is your consultation fee??? ;P


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