Monday, August 29, 2011

Beadboard ala Blogland

I find one BIG problem with blogging. There are so many wonderful & creative ideas out there, it's hard not to copy all of them.

This idea, however, is one I've wanted to copy for some family room entertainment center. It always gives me stress.

1. I think it's just enormous.
2. I am constantly struggling to prettily arrange the shelves.
3. I don't completely hate the piece, so I keep it around. Crazy?

I always thought the dull wood background was a huge source of my struggle. Nothing ever shows up against it.

Enter blogland. Enter beadboard. Enter the idea that has been done thousands of times.

My hubby assisted with this project & honestly, he was shaking his head & rolling his eyes the entire time.

Once it was completed, what did my wondering ears hear? He actually said, "I like it. It looks better." Hmmmm.

Score one for blogland!

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  1. I love it!! What a perfect solution!! Everything really shows up so much better now and looks like it was a fairly easy fix... Good job!!

  2. Looks fantastic! The beadboard really makes your display pieces stand out. I am crazy about beadboard!

  3. Oh my goodness! You're seriously my interior design superhero!! I love this! Looks so great!!!

  4. What a big difference a little bit of beadboard can make! It looks so lovely:)

  5. Your project turned out great! I really like the new look!

  6. It looks great!! I have to be honest I don't remember seeing one with a bead board back ground before this, so to me you're an original!


  7. Yes ! It really makes a big differance .

  8. Gina- It looks great- You did a wonderful job on it and it really finsihed the piece! xo Diana

  9. Great job! Everything pops now. I just love bead board it makes everything look better in my opinion. You turned your hubby into a believer!

  10. I really like what you did with the beadboard. Of course, I love anything with beadboard. We have it in the kitchen and the bathroom. Your decorative items really stand out against the beadboard.

  11. WOW! It really does make the pieces you have displayed POP! Great job Gina...and Hubby:)

  12. How very neat Gina! It really makes everything stand out!
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my new grandson, he has surely grabbed my heart!

  13. Great! It's the simple things that really make all the difference!

  14. Hi Gina,
    Amazing how a little change can create such a big impact. Love it. Great job. Gotta love Blogland :-) Have a wonderful day my dear friend.

    Much love,

  15. Gina, it does look a thousand times better. Your accessories pop with the white beadboard behind them! *nice job*

  16. Hi lovely lady.
    You did a gorgeous job this was a prefect soolution !!!I also love beadboard !! I have it on my book shells in my office.
    Thanks so much...
    xxoo Diane


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