Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Great Pillow Pile Up

I've got a little ranting to do today, so I hope you will bear with me.

Why, I ask again, WHY do I even bother to put pillows on the couch?

Everytime I walk in the living room, I find this:

I have spent the last 2 months picking pillows up off the floor!

And...if they're not thrown all over the floor, I walk in to find this:

Ahhh yes, the great pillow pile up!

I can only guess that this is obviously done by some poor person who knows that mother is getting angry picking pillows up off the floor. This is obviously the work of someone who thinks that piling them up semi-neatly, will make me less angry. Or perhaps, just perhaps, this person has actually tripped over the pillows strewn about the floor & decided to pile them up out of the way to avoid injury.

I don't know the answer to this aggravating dilemma. I don't know if I've got the heart or energy left to find out the answer.

Please, for my sanity, just tell you have pillows on your couch? Do the pillows sit there, all perky & pretty, or do you find them thrown all over the floor? I will listen to any sage advice you may want to provide.

Thank you for your time.


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  1. At least you pillow rearranger is most likely a human. Our Springer Spaniel gets on the couch every night and pushes all the big pillows off on the floor. Every night we say, "Oh here we go again."
    After he throws tham all off he lays down and goes to sleep. Guess he doesn't like them, hah.

  2. Yes, pillows migrate around the room. However, I know people will use them here and they will get covered with cat and dog hair and end up on the floor so I buy cheap ones and just know I'm going to pick them up and rearrange them back to their original homes. At least you know someone is actually using your lovely room. Maybe they are aware that PB&J doesn't come out of blue and floral pillows? They are preventing further headaches.

  3. LOL that photo could have been in my house if the sofa had been lighter in color. It happens here daily, too!

  4. Gina, you totally could have described our house - I totally relate to your frustration!

    The pillows on my couch never get left alone... I'm serious... they are almost always thrown on the floor. And then, they get walked on because my kids won't walk around them!!!

    Also, because we have a dog they get covered in hair....

    I guess what looks pretty isn't always the most comfortable!

  5. Mine are always left on the couch ~ but that's because my kids are grown. Your day will come. (But then you'll miss the kids.)

  6. First of all...LOL Gina, that was a hilarious post!!! My boys are all big now but when they were little they loved pulling all the pots and pans out of the cupboards and banging on them. I always tease my husband tho because when he gets up off the sofa the pillows are usually all over the place.

    Thanks for the morning laugh:)

  7. I don't have kids here either but when my husband lays down on the couch to watch tv he puts them up on the back of it (our couch is against the wall) so I don't mind to much! When the kids were home they would use them to lay their heads on so I don't know which is worse on the floor or smelling like shampoo or other products:)

  8. Gina girl, I feel your pain. Not sure why oh why my boys feel it is OK to throw the pillows off the couch and leave them there on the floor. That is why I only keep a few on, I would love more, but get so tired of it. AHHHHH...I feel better now too.

  9. Sounds like our home! The pillows are always messed up! I don't have any answers!

  10. I hate all the pillows piled on the chair next to the couch. It drives me nuts. I really cut down on our pillows finally and put a couple of long ones next to the arms and they seem to stay there...and a set of pillows in my matching armed don't seem to play well together. xo Diana

  11. Keep trying! Pillows are awesome! Good luck, haha!


  12. Hi Gina,
    My husband doesn't get pillows either! I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Stop by my blog when you have a chance to check it out.

  13. I have the same problem as you do.
    My husband and my boys tell me I has too many pillows.


  14. Hi lovely lady.
    I love all your beautiful Pillows.I also love your big sofa. we need them all the time in my house lot's of pillows.
    Thanks so much.
    XXOO Diane

  15. I have this same problem. It is irritating and I guess if you have anyone but you living in the house it will happen no matter what. I am getting a new sofa and chair and it has two pillows. I am tempted to just put them away.

  16. continuted....just another thought. What makes me the most upset if if the kids have friends over for the night and they take one of the decorative sofa pillows and sleep with it all night and slobber. This happens often.

  17. Oh Gina,
    I don't think you're alone my friend. I think it takes me longer to fluff and arrange mine than what it takes to toss them and mess them up. Now that I think about it...I fluff and arrange pillows A LOT! Hee, hee, hee.

    Much love,


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