Friday, August 5, 2011

Teen Room Refresh

As you know, it all started with an innocent piece of subway art.

Then a consignment shop desk got painted.

A necklace hanger was made.

A headboard was purchased at an estate sale & painted.

Somewhere, somehow, without really meaning to, my daughter's bedroom got refreshed.

It went from this: (this is actually a year or two old, I never intended this refresh to happen so I didn't get a current before picture)

To this:

While she was away at Nike Softball Camp, I did some work. She knew I was refreshing, and after several texts, there were some things she wouldn't part with.

She insisted on keeping the paint color. (ok, I'll try to work with it)
She wanted to keep the sweet dreams decal over her bed. (ugh!)
She had to keep the dart board & her cork board. (double ugh!)
She had to have the pig lamp on her bedside table. (why, oh why?)
I was instructed not to touch her beloved books. (this was a given)


The day after she returned from camp, she made her own bed & look who she added to the mix, Kurt from Glee.

We still may remove her cork board & use those cork squares instead. I think we could make it bigger & give her more room for all her stuff. And yes, the board has some Twilight & Harry Potter, Yankees baseball, Lady Gaga & holy heck Batman, it's Barbra Streisand! lol What can I say? My daughter has eclectic taste.

I stole this ribbon chandy idea from Pottery Barn teen. It was crazy simple to make. She loved it & when my 2 nieces were visiting, they went crazy for it as well.

So that's my refresh. I do still need to tweak things here & there. Stay tuned though. There's a 9 year old younger brother who was not at all happy by this refresh. Beginning his room next week!


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  1. Wonderful job did a great job on the PB knock off too. Have a good weekend.

  2. WOW!! I love all the personal touches !! A teen's room is their sanctuary and you have done a great job !! The ribbon chandy is so cool! Have fun with your son's room next!! Have a great day my friend.

  3. I love the changes. Your girl likes fun things.
    Not sure about the Kurt pillow, but it is funny. The ribbon chandy is so cute.
    I used to do things to my daughters room when she was gone. Fun.

  4. Wonderful job Gina! I think she's a smart girl for hanging on to those things that she loves so much, so many times those items get lost and make you wonder years later where they got to!
    Love the PB chandy too!

  5. LOL I am a Gleek, too. Are y'all following The Glee Project?

  6. I think your daughter's room looks wonderfully refeshed with all your added touches! Good luck with your son's room!

  7. Oh Gina,
    It turned out awesome. Love the blue and purple combo. And the ribbon chandy is adorable. Great job my friend.

    Hugs and Kisses,


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