Friday, July 22, 2011

Pretty hanging necklaces

I can proudly say, another project finished! (Thankfully, I finished some projects before this crazy heat & humidity entered out lives.)

Some time ago, I noticed my daughter was not putting her necklaces in her jewelry box but leaving them out on a shelf. When I asked her why, she said because they're always tangling up.

Hmmm. I made a note to get her one of those necklace stand thingys that I always see in TJ Maxx...the kind to corral your necklaces.

Then I realized, where is she gonna put this thing?

Hmmm again. Maybe, I'll make her something that she can hang instead.

So I took some materials & set out to make a hanging necklace corral thingy.

First I painted the wood purple, then covered it in Annie Sloan's Old White chalk paint. I added some wooden flower appliques & my hooks, lightly sanded around the edges so some of that purple would show through & added a pretty purple ribbon.

I bought a hook from Hobby Lobby to hang it from & here it is, in her room:

Not too bad, huh?

Don't be alarmed by the cracks in her walls. You'd be cracked too if you were 78 years old & made of plaster! LOL

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Have a wonderful weekend my dear sweet friends!


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  1. You are the best mom ever!! What a cute little project and you make it look so easy!! Love the little extra with the flowers on the top. Have a great week end my friend!

  2. very cool. I love hobby lobby!
    Have a great weekend.

  3. You are on a roll girl...that is super cute!

  4. Not bad at all and something everyone could use. Nicely done. I just read your chalk paint post. I am a furniture painter but my pieces are less vintage looking and more crazy pop or floral patterns. I would like to give this a whirl though. So what is it about the wax that you don't like. I want to know what I'm getting in to. :0
    Pam @ BeColorful

  5. Very cute idea. Sometimes I think that is what is wrong with me...I am a little old and my plaster is getting cracked...or maybe I am turning into a crackpot? As the kids say-Whatevah~ xo Diana

  6. You are a crafty one!!! That is so cute! I totally agree with your daughter, things get so tangled in a jewelry box. Even earrings! I made myself an earring hanger, it's still not done as I need some chicken wire to hang the earrings on but I do end up changing my earrings a lot more than when they're in a jewelry box:)

  7. This is perfect. My daughter needs one as well but boy am I not so crafty.

  8. I love all of your projects! They motivate me to be more creative, and provide me with so many ideas!

  9. Two thumbs up! What a pretty way to keep the necklaces nice and organized. Great idea.

    Much love,

  10. so pretty :)

    your newest follower Michelle

  11. Oh my goodness! I just buzzed in catching up and you have been a busy, busy girl! Love the necklace hanger. It looks so pretty against the purple wall. We have something similar that we use for Baby Bee's necklaces and bracelets. If I can just get her to hang them up.

    Those cookies look divine! I just tackled homemade peanut butter and chocolate ice cream so you know I adore those two flavors together.

    Cute lighthouse table setting too! Love the runner and the lantern. Beachy and Americana! :)


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