Thursday, July 14, 2011

It all ends 7.15

Those of you who've known me for some time know I couldn't let it go by without a post.

There are approximately 9 hours & 2 minutes until I get to see the end of an era.

Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part II.

Photo taken in Times Square, NYC
I feel as though I have waited forever for this movie. I still remember reading the 7th book. I read all 759 pages in less than 24 hours. I couldn't put the thing down! As soon as I finished reading it, I placed it on the table, where it sat for a few minutes. I then picked the book up & began reading it all over again. I loved it that much.

Last Friday, our trip to New York City was mainly to see The Harry Potter Exhibition at the Discovery Building in Times Square.

Unfortunately, there was no photography allowed so I have no pictures to share with you, but believe me, it was amazing. All the costumes & props...incredible!

So at Midnight, it all comes to an end. (I've been up since 4:30am with my son's surgery, I think I'm gonna need a nap.)

In honor of this momentous occassion, I made myself a little something to wear.

After all, the die hard fans are usually dressed in Potter related attire for the midnight showing. My daughter will be in her wizard shirt (from the exhibition), robe & Gryffindor headband. I had to have something as a die hard fan, right?

Long live Potter! Bring on Midnight!!


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  1. Gina, I love Harry Potter!..wish I could affoed all the books I'd read over and over.
    Kinda sad~sigh~.

  2. My kids all read these books and my oldest son, who's 21, and his GF see all the movies. They keep telling me Mom, you really should watch them! So far I haven't seen one but maybe, one of these days, I'll read the books:) HAVE FUN!!!

  3. Well.....the teenagers have descended, and they are already getting dressed-up in their Hogwarts attire. ;P

    I wish I could have seen the much fun is that????

    Ricki Jill

  4. What fun to see the exhibit! So sad the end of an era! One that made kids all over the world read.....Along with some grown ups!!


  5. I am so glad that you enjoyed the movies and I LOVE your cute little necklace. Did anyone try to rip it off your necK yet?I have the books but I haven't started reading them. Isn't that awful? I am afraid that I am going to get all caught up in them and not get another thing done! Sad, huh? xo Diana

  6. Seriously!!! I am soooo excited (and so sad) that it's finally here! We're big Harry Potter fans here (especially my daughter)!! She's going to see it tomorrow too!! EEEEKKKKK!!!! Have fun!!!

  7. I feel the same way, excited and sad at the same time!! We are waiting till next week when the lines die down to see the movie......much tooooo old to stand in line!!! hugs...cleo

  8. I love NYC!!! I was there exactly one year after 911 a very exciting city! My bff and I are planning a girls trip there in September, hope it happens!
    Harry Potter? I've never even thought of reading one of the books but from your excitement of them maybe I'll give them a try because I love to read!

  9. How cute and fun Gina. I knew you were a die hard, and the necklace just tops that off. Just had a to come by quick and say hello..I miss my blogging friends.

  10. Too funny you are a diehard fan. We won't see it until next weekend. I am sad it is over though. Waaa!!!

  11. Hi Gina,

    It sure looks like you had a great day.
    You made a terrific looking necklace.

    I hope your son's surgery went well.


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