Sunday, March 6, 2011

A little shopping

Lately, I've been looking around at the excess. I buy soooo much that I honestly don't need. It's a terrible habit to have gotten myself into. To buy just to buy.

That being said, I've been shopping lately.

I know, I know. That last sentence does not in any way make sense after what I wrote in the first paragraph. I can't help it. I have the winter doldrums. The never-ending-snow-spring-is-a-million-light-years-away doldrums.

And there is no better cure for the doldrums than shopping!

Here is just a sampling of what I've brought into my house lately.
First up:

I bought this canister set in an antique store. I only paid $12.00 for it. I don't know how antique of an antique it is, but I thought it was interesting. Even if it's a couple of decades old, putting numbers on everything is something current. (Everything old is new again, sound familiar?)

Next up:

Oh Hobby Lobby. I was wandering the Lob one day, when all of a sudden I happened to look up & there she was. A sight to behold. I literally ran to find an employee to take this lamp down from the upper shelving for me. Love, pure love. My daughter could not understand my overjoyed behavior in the Lob that day.

(Back story: this lamp is extremely similar to one I had seen years ago in a local shop. The shop has been closed several years now & the lamp that I never bought has haunted me ever since. Well, until now.)

And another:

A trip to Marshall's/Home Goods sent me into a whirlwind when I spied this baby. Have I ever told you how much I adore gingham? Oh I do, I do. I just had to have this tiered dish. I think I frightened my daughter when I practically leapt in the aisle upon seeing it. (My poor daughter, what am I doing to her?)

And yet another:

I have been admiring these mother necklaces for what seems to be forever. I finally took the plunge. Can I just tell you how much I love this necklace? I bought mine from Classic Silver on Etsy. It's beautifully made & when I received it, I put it right on. Yes, I wore it that minute in my scrungy sweatsuit while I cleaned my house. I loved it that much!

And last:

(sorry I don't have a photo yet)

I ordered two cloches from Wisteria. I think I'm going to blame this one on Marty from A Stroll Thru Life & Melanie from The Old White Cottage. :D

I first visited Marty's blog & noticed she was having a Cloche Party on March 11th which got me thinking about cloches. Then I visited Melanie's blog that same day & she posted that she had bought 2 cloches from Wisteria at a deeply discounted price. That's all it took. Cloches on the way to me, any day now!

That's all I have to say is this weather had better start looking up or I'll be broke & living on the street soon. That is, unless my husband gets to me first! :D


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  1. hehehe...Gina, we would get along just fine. As I was cleaning all weekend, closets too, I was makin myself sick! I buy to buy, but I am recycling now. I love that gingham tiered dish..pretty necklace too. You will have to model that for us.

  2. Your tiered tray looks like something Cath Kidston designed. It is sooooo cute!!! I like it!!! I also like the canister set. It looks contemporary...I agree! I am seeing cloches everywhere, too. It's like they are mocking me, or something! If I had more surface area space, I would be all over that trend! I can't wait to see what you do with your cloches.

    Super buys!!! :D

  3. Love the necklace Gina and don't blame you for putting it on right away! It is so easy isn't it to buy but I think you bought what you love and they say that's what to do! At least that's what I tell myself:)


    PS Thanks you so much for your prayers♥

  4. Gina, Our house is over flowing from all my shopping. I have to find a new hobby! You got some great things and I especially like the cannisters.

  5. Wow! I can't even tell you the last time I bought something for the house! lol... now that I know we're keeping it (we were due for auction on 3/1... long story, we saved the house) I have really been wanting to revamp some rooms!!
    Come over and help decorate!!! hehe


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