Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Glee-ful teenager

Oh my goodness.

Somehow, someway, I have become the mother of a teenager.


Wasn't I just a teenager myself? Was it really that long ago that I wore armfuls of rubber bracelets ala Madonna & had big permed hair? Where are those Swatch watches & Flashdance-inspired sweatshirts? Ferris Bueller? Anyone? Anyone? Seriously? That was 25 years ago? Oh heaven help me!

It is official. My daughter is 13 today.

We had her birthday party this past Sunday. She wanted a Glee party. So I had to get into gear to make the big 13 special for her. (Photos are not the best quality, ugh!)

I made the two colorful banners of characters.

Lots of pictures for the walls.

Have to have some of those hilarious quotes.

Not sure if you are a Gleek, but this was the Glee food table (not to be confused with the real food table, of which I did not take a picture.)

We had Mercedes' tots

Lauren Zizes' Raisinettes

Sue Sylvester's Cheerios

Breadstix (The Glee Club's favorite restaurant)

And since no Glee episode would be complete without the Glee Club getting slushied, I made slushie cupcakes.

And cheesecake. She wanted cheesecake. Oh man. Look at it. Not a crack to be had! I think this might have been the first time I made a cheesecake without some sort of crater crack forming.

My Glee-ful teenager, taken this morning, officially 13 years old.

She is amazing in so many ways. Can't imagine life without her.

(And...since I can't resist a weather cheap shot---13 years ago today, when she was born, it was a balmy 85 degrees. No lie. 85 degrees on March 31, 1998. Don't think we'll ever see that again.)


Welcome! I'm Gina. Like the header says, this blog is all about home, food and life..


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!!! Love the party ideas!

  2. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous girl! What a great looking party Gina. You did an awesome job at every little detail too!

  3. OMGeeeee! I can't believe it! Already 13!
    Where does the time go!
    Happy Birthday sweet girl!
    Beeee-U-tiful party!!

  4. Happy birthday to the darling gleek! What a great party, I thought you used the cupcake stand for slushies, but they are cupcakes!!! I have watched a few Glee episodes, we called them musicals in our day, now they are all new to them....everything comes around again. Your the best Mom, I loved when my son was in the teen years, they are soooo fun, even just being the Mom.


  5. I must show this to my girls. We are all three Gleeks!!! :D I am *so* loving this!!!

    You are amazingly creative!

  6. Happy Birthday sweet girl!!! LOVE this party!!! You did a great job with the pics and the quotes......I am a Gleek myself....and those cupcakes, what a great idea!!! Its a good thing Sue didn't show up and ruin the party!!! Cleo

  7. Oh Gina,
    A very happy birthday to your beautiful daughter...I know, I know, they just grow up too darn fast. Sending her tons of happy birthday wishes. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  8. You have a lovely blog. Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas

  9. Gina, I am about ready to put that table that won't sell at the curb LOL! I will let you know when I do! the craziest thing is that I restock my booth about twice a week, stuff just flies out to the point that I have trouble keeping it stocked.....But that stupid table @#$#@



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