Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rainbow Sherbet Etsy

My last post was lazy & colorless, so I decided it was time to make this one a bit more lively & colorful. (Even though the sky is still colorless outside this morning & I've just returned from the dentist & am fully anticipating pain once the novocaine wears off.)

Aren't the colors of rainbow sherbet so pretty, summery & well, luscious looking? I turned to all this loveliness on Etsy to get my rainbow sherbet fill.

Isn't this bag pretty? Coffeeclouds

How's this for rainbow sherbet kicked up a notch? Ara133photography

How about something to represent the lime of the rainbow sherbet? MoonParade

A little orange sherbet for the neck perhaps? LingGlass

Rainbow sherbet for fun? Why not, I'm a rainbow sherbet lovin' princess! The Sugared Ribbon

Rainbow sherbet as a patchwork runner? I love it! Ziti Zoo

Rainbow sherbet pillows? Yes please, one of each! Dahlush

I hope you are all having a very rainbow sherbet filled week!


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  1. lol. i just went window shopping at etsy! lol.

  2. Love these bright colors!! Cute blog you have. Following and will be back! :-)


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