Tuesday, August 3, 2010

He wanted to haul it to the curb

We inherited this picnic table with 4 benches from my husband's parents quite a few years ago. It is Amish-made and weighs a ton.

It has gone neglected over the years, as it has lived through snowy winters outside, only covered with a tarp.

Why such neglect you ask? I believe my husband just didn't like it or was tired of moving it around because as I've said, it weighs a ton. I don't really know, but I do know, he showed it no love. He was ready to haul it to the curb until I interfered. I spoke up just as the moment was dawning and said,

"Keep it! I'll stain it and see how it looks first."

I selected a color stain in Behr's Waterscape Blue and got to work. It took a few days (luckily I did this project before the never-ending heat & humidity appeared) but this is what she looks like now:

Not too bad, huh? I'm just glad that it was given a second chance. It would have been a shame to toss what was really a perfectly good table & benches, not to mention so well made, before giving it a shot at a second life.

I'm linking this up at Debbiedoos B & A party since I do believe this qualifies as a before & after project. Go ahead & click on the link to see what other bloggers have transformed. My project was transformed by simply using stain, but you'd be amazed what some really creative bloggers come up with.

Now I know you are all wondering what my husband has had to say about the finished project?

Well, he's really glad he thought of it staining it of course! Oh, always the wiseguy! :)


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  1. A shame indeed! It looks beautiful now, the ugly duckling has become a beautiful princess!!


  2. Oh my goodness...that is fantastic Gina! Great color choice too. Amish make beautiful stuff...so glad it never made it to the curb. Thanks for joining the party....I hope you enjoy yourself browsing some other fun participants. Debbie

  3. WOW - that looks wonderful ! GREAT job !!!!

    thanks for sharing - it's inspiring !

  4. Wow what a difference! Your man sure has good ideas, lol!

  5. OH Gina, that is wonderful, I bet they want the table back!!!


  6. It's always easier to try and fail, than to look back and wish you had! The table turned out great. Hope you have a wonderful week! Sandi

  7. Gina, I am so glad you didn't put in on the curb...unless you live in my neighborhood and I could have grabbed it! Love the color.
    Hugs, Sherry


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