Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What is my problem?

Sometimes I swear that spring will never make an appearance. Just like I swear, I will never be a thin person.
Is it blatantly obvious that winter is starting to drag me down as we expect two snowstorms this week? How about that I just went on an eating binge and ate everything that wasn't nailed down?
So I thought I would do something "helpful" like post pretty pictures that remind me of spring:

Ahhh tulips, my favorite!

A lovely sweater from Anthropologie.

More eye candy from Anthropologie. Sure wish I could wear these right now, without getting frozen, snow-covered toes of course!

And how can this post come full circle if I don't post pictures of thin people as well? The lovely and thin Sarah Jessica Parker

The beautiful and thin Eva Longoria Parker

The darling and thin Jennifer Aniston

Well, this will either do the trick to boost my spirits or else make me even crankier...Hmmm?

Definitely crankier!

I guess tomorrow is another day. Right?


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  1. Dude.

    That sweater! That SWEATER! I'm a total cardi kind of girl.

  2. I promise Spring is coming... at least that's what I keep telling myself! It would be awesome to be that thin!


  3. Spring better come!! I just bought the cutest shoes to wear!! lol

  4. Gina do not beat yourself up for this...tomorrow is another day...just pick yourself up and keep going. You can do it. Here's another little tip. Allow yourself a free meal once a week. This means you can eat whatever you want for that one meal...good or bad :-)Just remember to listen to your body. Don't allow yourself to overeat...Make sure you chew slowly and enjoy every bite and when your tummy says "I'm almost full" stop. Hope this helps...Rah! Rah! I'm rooting for you.

    Much love to you,


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