Friday, February 26, 2010


Looking out my windows this morning, I see this:

and this:

17 inches of snow yesterday, combined with what we already had created this winter wonderland we're experiencing now. The best part?

SNOW DAY! No school for kids = No work for me! Yippee!

Now, don't let my joy of no work fool you. I honestly would rather have signs of spring and a day at work, than 2 feet of snow and no work, especially this late in February. You see, I love snow, but when the end of February rolls around I'm kind of done with it. At this time of year, we've already put in our time, about 4 months of snow, and we will most likely still have 2 more to go as it often snows into April. (There have even been a few instances when it's snowed in May, but we try hard to forget about that!)
I really shouldn't complain though. At least Central New Yorkers are able to handle this kind of thing, we're equipped for it. Give us a couple of hours to dig out and it's life as usual. Nothing like what our friends to the south have experienced in the last month...those poor people were incapacitated by the snow!
Whether you're at the mercy of a snowstorm or seeing budding signs of spring, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Gina I am so there with you on the being done with snow. It is snowing here again today also, not as much as you have but still....I am ready for spring. We had one day while we were gone of 69 degree weather and sunshine and it was such a tease! Enjoy your day off. Do somethin fun!!


  2. February is the worst isn't it? It seems like winter has gone on forever and yet I know we are no where near the ready for Spring.


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