Saturday, February 27, 2010

Olympic Pride

Have you been watching the Olympics? Are you hooked or do you feel they are just an annoyance? I, myself, LOVE the Olympics. My daughter has just discovered her love for the Olympics too...and for Apolo Anton Ohno! (and let me say here that last night, Ohno was robbed!)

I find myself getting little sleep as I'm up til midnight waiting to see if another American can take the gold. I can't get over the drive, dedication and discipline that the athletes have. They are truly amazing. I get all teary eyed along with the athletes as I see them stand proud on the podium while The Star Spangled Banner is played. I also feel an athlete's heartbreak when they don't do well. Can you imagine training for 4 years for one moment in time only to have it all taken away in a flash by a mistake? And what about the commercials? Oh they're awesome and really heart warming!

Ok, I'll step off my soap box now, but I have to leave you with some of my favorites:
Shaun White

Apolo Anton Ohno by David J Phillip

Shani Davis by Getty Images

Lindsey Vonn by Gero Breloer

Olympic closing ceremonies are Sunday night, sniff sniff :( I sure am going to miss them, yet I will be grateful for getting some sleep back!


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  1. Oh yes Gina I love the Olympics too, not so much the summer Olympics but the winter ones I love. Yes I agree, Apolo was robbed big time!!! I especially love ice skating and was totally mesmerized by the Canadian couple who took the gold. Exhibition skating is on tonight and I can't wait!!

    P.S. I can't believe the guts those athletes have!!! I am scared to death of heights!

  2. Totally loving the Olympics. I'm not sure what we'll watch once they end:( Hope you are having a good weekend and surviving all of this lovely NY snow.


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